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Bing Rewards is a new online rewards program being offered by Microsoft and popular search engine Bing, which promises to give users rewards for doing something they do online everyday anyway – search the internet.

Online rewards websites were created as a way for marketers and search engine providers to get access for information. You agree to let them record the types of searches you complete and the websites you click on, and they will compensate you with money or prizes.

Customers who are interested in becoming Bing Rewards members can do so completely for free, and get started with their system to see whether or not it is something they may be interested in continuing.

How Does It Work?

The Bing Rewards website describes their program as being similar to a frequent flyer program. As long as you sign in to your Bing account and remain signed in, each time you search you will receive points from Bing.

It has been reported that Bing Rewards gives you points for every two searches you complete, and while the most points you can typically earn in a day is ten, these are just the points you can from searches. Microsoft generally provides its users with a way to earn bonus points from clicking on a specific service or a website that is promoting.

Once you have accumulated a certain number of points, you can go to their Redemption Center and pick a gift card from your chosen retailer, including, Starbucks, Game Stop, Groupon, Fandango, and more.

How Does Bing Rewards Compare?

There are many, many independently operating rewards programs out there, including Swagbucks and Qmee, which partner with different companies to provide them with the data they receive from their users. Generally speaking, using an independent reward program requires you to download a special tool bar or other specific tool to your computer to ensure the company can collect your data.

Companies like Bing and Google’s Screenwise Trends Panel can easily record your search information with no extra work on your part, because these are generally the search engines people are using anyway.

But, unlike other browser rewards programs, including the one offered by Google, Bing does want you to search either through your computer or your phone at least once a day, in order to stay active with their program. Thankfully this should not be difficult for most smartphone or mobile device owners, nor those who work with a computer every day.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Bing Rewards Reviews " is 2.14 out of 5 based on 36 reviews.
  • It's definitely a scam! They never mailed me my gift card. The also claim to allow you to donate to charity through their system. I would be weary about this since they do not send you any reward for searching. A fool follows countless dead end roads. The fact that they do not actually support charities or send their members rewards like they claim to is probably a crime. Someone should notify congress or however cares about the citizens in this country anymore.
  • As soon as you reach your goal (in my case a $5 Amazon Gift card) the account will be locked for "violating terms of service".

    I searched normally, did not use a bot, multiple accounts or anything like that, followed terms of service as far as I can tell to the letter, so this seems to be how they avoid paying out.
  • I bet you the people here are just mad because they can't get points... I've had Bing rewards for years, never had a problem. I got free Skype credits Ect. and got to gold... no issues. Google fan boys/girls..
    • And I am sure you work for the Bing Crooks. "They are MAD because they cant get points" PLEASE, a 3 year old could do this! There are wayyy too many people on here with the same EXACT story, so I believe them! I was about to sign up for this "rewards" thing as I use Bing EVERYDAY but I always look at reviews before giving away ANY of my information & BOY am I glad I did. Now that I read these reviews, I officially made GOOGLE my homepage and search engine! Bing is just using people to see what they search for and what interests they have and using empty promises for giftcards as a reward. Thats just WRONG. If you are going to BAN people, give them a reason! Did anyone report them to the BBB?
  • bing rewards will waste/cheat you out of your time and effort!

    they deny your redemption(s)! their standard practice of close your account when there is too many redeems! isn't this is supposed to be a loyalty program for bing? looks more like they want to drive users toward the better google service.
  • cheap way to try and get you away from google. The second i tried to redeem my points, they gave me one redemption, all others failed.
  • bing rewards will cheat you out of all that effort and time especially when you try to redeem for multiple gift card redemptions at once I have had only one account! The first redemption batch went without a hitch just the phone verification. A few months latter I tried to redeem another batch and there is an issue. Then I submit a support ticket and get the endless cut/paste TOU as a reply to their false allegations of violating the TOU. They just wasted several months of my time. It was great in the beginning and now they shit all on all that dedication and effort by denying me my rightful gift card rewards. All so they can have temporary gains in users of bing search through bing rewards. bing stands for Bing Is Not Good!

    time to make my default search provider GOOGLE is way better anyway
  • I have been earning rewards just doing searches for YEARS on Bing. These newbies know NOTHING apparently. I have had zero issues receiving my various rewards. Once my points went missing, but came back the next day. On occasion, you're forced to provide a cellphone number to prove your identity, which sucks if you don't have a cell.

    This site is how YOU DO IT. It is CLEAR on what you receive and when. No tricks, no scams. I haven't found anything better to date.
  • they will give you rewards, but often times they make up some issue when you try to redeem your points. Recently, my account was deleted right after I earned enough points to get another reward. They claimed that I had broken the terms of use, but when I emailed them back asking them to specify what terms I had broken, they ignored me. Kind of suspicious how every time you try to redeem something like this goes wrong.

    And yes, there is really crappy support when you do have an issue.
  • i got my first reward but now that i made it to gold it wont llet me get a reward ...and there is NO support. microsoft and bing you should be ashamed of yourself
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