Bookkeeper Business Launch (Academy) Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Bookkeeper Business Launch (Formerly Bookkeeper Business Academy), found online at, is a new online training program designed to teach people how to run a virtual bookkeeping business, even if you have no experience.

The Bookkeeper Business Academy was created by Ben Robinson, a former CPA firm owner and published author who designed this course specifically for people who are ready to start their own online business even though they don’t have a formal background in bookkeeping or accounting.

The website says that more than a thousand people have used this course to become bookkeepers and start their own business, and that the average bookkeeper makes $40,000 year using skills that are always in demand.

What You’ll Learn

This course is broken into three different Training Classes. The first class is dedicated to understanding what a bookkeeping business is all about, the seven key characteristics of a great bookkeeper, and understanding your business’s income potential.

The second class is about the exact technology and tools you need for your business, what it will cost you to start your bookkeeping business, and understanding how the right mindset will contribute to your success.

The third class is all about your future clients. This class is organized in order to teach people how to market their services, how to get the best results for their clients, and other important client based strategies for furthering your success.

What to Consider

For brand new customers, Bookkeeper Business Academy offers a free training class that is intended to teach people what they should know before they start their own business. This free class is designed to provide students with easy to understand information, using no complicated terminology or fancy theories.

This free course is obviously a good opportunity for beginners to see whether or not the full course is right for them, however, this company does not publish any information about any costs associated with their full program. This is problematic because some customers may find their program cost prohibitive and therefore shouldn’t need to waste their time with the free class.

The website does say that their course includes their Xero Certification, which is normally priced at $249 but is included in the cost of the course itself, so the class will certainly be priced higher than that.

They do say that all customers have thirty days from the date of the original purchase to return their products and request a refund, but that no refunds will be processed after thirty days.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Bookkeeper Business Launch " is 3.43 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
  • Hard work ..... check

    Investment required ..... check

    Moderately Positive Reviews ..... check

    Qualify for Regulated and/or Industry Credential ..... ?????

    If this program sets you up to compete with folks who are doing the same type of business as CPA’s or degreed Accounting professionals, what is the real measure to which one can compare how you will stack up with other pros?

    I won’t doubt it’s comprehensiveness or validity. However, I believe this program will be ‘Hard Work Of Another Order’ beyond the last day of training.
  • Anything that you do in life will require hard work and dedication, if you want to be successful at it. I am going to try this course because my husband and I are launching our own construction business and I want to be able to handle all of my own bookkeeping and possibly help others once we are up and running. You bet that I am going to work hard at it. Starting a business requires cold-calling on people and sales savvy. You cannot just sit on your couch watching tv and expect people to knock on your door for help. You must network yourself and shake hands and kiss babies, as the politicians say. Hard work. Good rewards. This is not for those who feel entitled to earn a good living just because they paid for a course. This requires patience and tenacity.
  • @Bryan you are sooo sad. Your mother must be sooo very disappointed in you. Find Jesus, ask Him for forgiveness and to come into your heart because at the rate you're going you'll end up in HELL very soon. What a waste.. 😏
  • hey dear sir,

    I would like to have the requirements to have training in bookkeeping. Yours, Hillary
  • Bryan,

    Do you work for the company?
  • This program is very in-depth and all inclusive of both the financial training and marketing tools you would ever need to start your own virtual bookkeeping business. I stumbled upon it by accident one night when I was searching for remote job opportunities (I am recently disabled and limited to how much I can commute), I was initially skeptical, but I got through the 4 free training videos and by then I was sold. Having been a bookkeeper in the past for many years, I figured it wouldn't hurt to brush up on my accounting skills as well as learn how to market myself. I learned more in the training modules than I did in 20 years of accounting and bookkeeping experience! Most of the information was familiar, but I never went to school for bookkeeping or took any accounting courses in high school or college. All of my prior knowledge was gained by hands-on training and many aspects of accounting remained obscure to me, but Ben's detailed and easy to follow courses answered those gray topics. I have all of the guidance I need through the BBL network, and I am convinced that I will be successful in my new venture.
  • You people posting about the "Registered Agent," and "member" ... It is very apparent that you do not know what it is that you are talking about. Do you know what a registered agent is? Do you know what a member means in regards to a company? Nope you do not know. So, how can you "claim" or "talk" about this business? You are only misleading other people. It's very simple: look up the definitions, see what it takes to form a LLC and you will have your answers while you are researching about the business.

    I have signed up for this course and I absolutely love it! It's not a "get rich quick scheme." There's hard work in it like there is with anything else in life.
  • Let me lay your concerns to rest. I've purchased this training program, and it is amazing! You will not find a training program that offers more support than this one. Training includes how to do bookkeeping, and also how to open, market, and grow your own business. The training modules are there forever, so you can look back at them if you want to. There's also a terrific private Facebook group you can join, to get even more support from new people to experts. There are so many extra learning opportunities offered, and live weekly question and answer sessions. Ben Robinson gives you all the tools to become not a good bookkeeper, but a great bookkeeper, which sets you above the rest and almost guarantees clients. This program is legit. You have nothing to fear, but the fear of success.
    • I'm getting ready to buy the program and by reading your account of Business Launch, I am for sure now. Laurie, how is your business going so far since your March post?

    • Hi Laurie,

      I’ve been eyeing this program for a while. I’ve taken the three free lessons but, since money is an issue for me, I am trying to justify the cost of this program over others that are nearly half the price or a class at a local cal college that costs even less. I really do like the way Ben teaches, and I believe the marketing aspect is a game changer, but I’m still hesitant. I have found with another online course I’ve taken that the information presented is not in great detail and found myself researching all over the internet for more complete training on what I’d already paid so much money for. Im concerned about end up finding the same issue with other online programs. Can you truly learn all you need, including how to apply principles, examples of specific lessons, and how to operate the software programs students are encouraged to purchase? Thank you.
  • @Bryan, for some of us, $1500 is a substantial investment. It's good to be cautious. But I find it interesting that @Orbitz never came back with a link to the so-called "shady" dealings.
  • WoW, some of you people are pathetic. What guarantees are there for anything? You sound like entitled brats.

    Guarantees, HA. Sit at home, troll the internet and wait for someone to give you something. You'll be doing the same thing next year, the year after and the every year after that.

    I haven't taken the course yet, and am not even sure its right for me. However, everything I've read about the guy and his course has been positive. More importantly, he is COMPLETELY upfront about the work YOU will need to do to succeed, just like any other aspect of your life.

    The only guarantee is you are a bunch of sad, pathetic little trolls. Guarantees... Ridiculous
    • Actually Bryan, it is quite intelligent to do some investigative work before committing to something big and also before giving out any private credit card information on the internet and that is just common sense. I'm sorry you have such a negative attitude towards others, which probably means this is how you feel about yourself :(
    • Some of us don't want to be scammed!.
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