Bookkeeper Business Launch (Academy) Reviews – Legit or Scam?
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Bookkeeper Business Launch (Formerly Bookkeeper Business Academy), found online at, is a new online training program designed to teach people how to run a virtual bookkeeping business, even if you have no experience.

The Bookkeeper Business Academy was created by Ben Robinson, a former CPA firm owner and published author who designed this course specifically for people who are ready to start their own online business even though they don’t have a formal background in bookkeeping or accounting.

The website says that more than a thousand people have used this course to become bookkeepers and start their own business, and that the average bookkeeper makes $40,000 year using skills that are always in demand.

What You’ll Learn

This course is broken into three different Training Classes. The first class is dedicated to understanding what a bookkeeping business is all about, the seven key characteristics of a great bookkeeper, and understanding your business’s income potential.

The second class is about the exact technology and tools you need for your business, what it will cost you to start your bookkeeping business, and understanding how the right mindset will contribute to your success.

The third class is all about your future clients. This class is organized in order to teach people how to market their services, how to get the best results for their clients, and other important client based strategies for furthering your success.

What to Consider

For brand new customers, Bookkeeper Business Academy offers a free training class that is intended to teach people what they should know before they start their own business. This free class is designed to provide students with easy to understand information, using no complicated terminology or fancy theories.

This free course is obviously a good opportunity for beginners to see whether or not the full course is right for them, however, this company does not publish any information about any costs associated with their full program. This is problematic because some customers may find their program cost prohibitive and therefore shouldn’t need to waste their time with the free class.

The website does say that their course includes their Xero Certification, which is normally priced at $249 but is included in the cost of the course itself, so the class will certainly be priced higher than that.

They do say that all customers have thirty days from the date of the original purchase to return their products and request a refund, but that no refunds will be processed after thirty days.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Bookkeeper Business Launch " is 3.43 out of 5 based on 7 reviews.
  • I looked at the better business bureau reviews for the company. 125 positive reviews, 0 neutral, 0 complaints. You can see it here.
    • That means nothing. You do realize that the BBB has A ratings for companies that are out of business or under investigation. I wouldn't trust that.
    • I bought the program in December of 2015. It is definitely legitimate. You do have to work hard - you're a business owner after all! But it is full of great content and so much support. I believe the reason that you don't see anything on BBB prior to 2017 is that Ben was working on building his business. When I looked into being on BBB, there was a fee to even be listed. As a new startup himself, he was focused on producing good content and not on finding all the ways to be reviewed. I've been in business since 2016, but you won't find anything about me on BBB. The fact of 125 good reviews and no bad is pretty good for a new business I think.
    • @Elizabeth I'm just starting to research this company to see if this is right for me so I don't know much about them yet. I have looked at the company on BBB and so far do not see anything of concern. Ben Robinson is listed as a managing member. Since the company is an LLC, member is the correct term to use for an owner.
    • Michael you're right! All the positive comments are there BUT the business has been opened for 2 years yet all those positive reviews are done since 9-2017, nothing before. Also type in the address given for the business and learn about the shell and shelf businesses at that address. Dig a little deeper and Mr Ben Robinson is not an owner but a "member". This business is actually owned by another corporation. Sounds fishy to me....

      I haven't finished digging either. I wonder what I'll find next.
  • Is there English subtitles for those with hearing loss?
    • Angie, when I did the 3 free classes, he had a link below the video for course transcriptions. I am not sure if that would apply to the other material as I have not decided on doing it yet. But to me, if they are willing to take the time and money transcribed, they probably would do it for their other course material as well. It doesn't hurt to send the creator an e-mail asking that. It is a valid question.
  • He probably couldn't make a good living as a bookkeeper so he charging £1500 for his course!
  • I urge anyone who is looking to invest in the course to look into Mr. Robinson's professional background. Shady.
    • Thank you. I am digging into him and "his company" right now and I'm not happy with what I'm finding out.
    • yes please send me a link on his professional background link you say is shady i have not found anything as of yet , i may not searching correctly.
    • Can you send me a link to his professional background that you noted as “shady”? I haven’t been able to find anything online. Thanks.
  • What guarantees you will make %1500 once you complete the program?
    • The only guarantee is you are a sad, pathetic little troll. Guarantees... Ridiculous

      I guarantee you are doing the same thing for the rest of your life, waiting for someone to give you something you entitled brat!
  • The free classes are mainly to see if bookkeeping is right for you; whereas the course that they offer is over $1,000, though they do offer payment plans.
  • The cost is about $1500
    • Bryan or should I call you Ben Robinson. You are rude, I'm letting everyone I can reach know that this company is not above board. All these people are falling for this scam. I don't care how many times you change the company name, I will continue to post the truth. If anyone else wants to know the truth it's easy enough to google, it pops right up. I tracked you back to Arkansas so far, and this "registered agent" called Capital Administrations LLC is operating out of the same address which is a front for shell and shelf business. See? I do my homework smuck. Now you can call me all the names you want.
    • @MS Walker & @Sierra

      What guarantees are there you will make $100,000 after college? NONE

      Sierra, you are particularly slimy little internet troll. Client opportunities? Seriously? Try doing some actual work for yourself to find a client AS HE EXPLAINS you will need to do in the FREE reviews of info you can take BEFORE actually paying for the course...

      While this may not be for me, I think this guy does a stand up job of explaining what is to come for a measly $1500 bucks. Compare that with a college education.
    • What guarantees do you have that you will make $1500 once you complete the program? How long before you make the money back you spent for the program? How will you obtain clients? All questions need to be answered before investing in a program that guarantees nothing. There are plaenty of scams and hoaxes on the internet.
    • What does that give you? Any client opportunities?
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