Easy Cash on Demand Reviews – Legit or Scam?

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Cash on Demand, at EasyCashOnDemand.com, is a new work at home opportunity which claims that anyone can make money with their system, earning up to $379 per day.

Though Cash on Demand is not clear about what type of business opportunity you will be purchasing, they do say that it is not an MLM, a data entry or envelope stuffing job, or a rebate processing scam.

But for just $19.97, which is the discounted price off the original $39.97, you will receive the necessary training guides and tutorials, a money making website, and a one-on-one training consultation with an experienced associate.

Warning Signs

It is a good rule of thumb when looking for job opportunities online to never give your credit card number to a person or company unless you know exactly what you will be getting in return.

The fact that Cash on Demand does not explain their business opportunity unless you have already given them access to your credit or debit card is a very bad sign.

In addition, one of the things they offer you with your purchase of the Cash on Demand program is an “Automated Money Making Website.” Generally, when it comes to working from home, using a pre-fabricated website is one of the worst ideas out there.

Making money on the internet comes from being able to distinguish yourself from your competitors, but if you and every other member of Cash on Demand have the same website, there is no real way to do that.

Also, when a company provides you with a website, it means they own that site. So if you ever decide you want to break away from Cash on Demand, your website and all your work belongs to them.

Is There Good News?

If you have already purchased Cash on Demand and are unhappy with what you have received, there is a small bit of good news.

EasyCashOnDemand.com uses Clickbank as their payment processor. Clickbank is a third party processor who offers a 60 day guaranteed, no questions asked refund if you are unhappy with what you receive.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Cash on Demand " is 1.6 out of 5 based on 10 reviews.
  • I am ill and in a financial tight spot. At $19.97 I thought this is just a scam and I can't afford that money being in limbo even with a money back guarantee. When I went to leave the page I got a popup discountibg the product to $9.97. I thought with a money back guarentee what the hey. So I pay the $9.97 only to immediatly be taken to another page stating that to continue with this information packet I would need to pay a ton off additional costs and again I would get a discounted rate of around $150. At that point I immediately stopped realising despite knowing better I fell for the stupid scam. The next day I call my bank to stop the charge only to be told it was in process and nothing they could do. Now I am stuck spending time trying to get my $10.Regardless of how small the cost I really don't have an income right now and need the money for meds. I know why did I use it if I needed it so bad but I figured that a refund wouldn't be to difficult or worst case I only make my money back. Nope scammed when I knew better but trying to support my family while ill and willonly do it legally so I guess it made me a little desperate. To anyone out there do your research before ever spending a dime. I cancelled my cards just to be on the safe side.
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