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Direct Commerce Academy Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Direct Commerce AcademyDirect Commerce Academy is another work from home business opportunity that is made up of big promises and no follow through.  There are so many complaints filed against Direct Commerce Academy that I’m actually surprised they are still in business.

First of all, Direct Commerce Academy says that for $2.97 you can have a trial of their program and the training they offer.  If you are not interested in purchasing the program at that time, there is no obligation.

The problem with this, however, is that you have to read their Terms & Conditions to understand that when they say “no obligation” they mean “no obligation as long as you Reviews
Is Home Job Listings Legit or a Scam?

Home Job ListingsHome Job Listings is a job service where, in exchange for your contact information, you get free access to their job listing database.  Home Job Listings advertises job opportunities in a variety of categories: telecommuting, hourly, part time, freelance, and online jobs.  Most of the jobs they have listed are basic, entry level positions from national companies whose positions are also listed on their websites.

In addition to the traditional job opportunities they list on their website, they also have a collection of business opportunities for people who might be interested in starting an internet based business.  They also have educational opportunities, and a specific section of their website dedicated

Mystery Shopper Employment Agency Reviews
Legit or Scam?

Mystery Shopper AgencyMystery shopping is almost as magical and mystical of a job as the work at home opportunities that promise you a six figure income working only four hours a week.  You get paid for going and getting free food, free clothes, and free car repairs?  That has to be the definition of too good to be true.

But actually mystery shopping is a very real job.  Companies pay you to take part of their services and then give detailed accounts of your experiences.  This way companies are able to keep tabs on their local employees and store managers.

The Mystery Shopper Employment Agency is a website that offers you a

Replace Your Day Job Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Replace Your Day JobReplace Your Day Job is a new website created by Natalie James aimed specifically at people looking to enter the work from home community.  Her website promises jobs working with major, multinational companies earning anywhere between $15-$75 an hour, either full or part time.

The sales page is primarily dedicated to Natalie’s experiences being unable to pay her bills or find reasonable work in this terrible economy, until she came across this very opportunity that she wants to share with you.

Ultimately is just a portal website that will bring you to the Auction Listing Agent opportunity.  Auction Listing is not new – there are many websites out there

Partner with Paul Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Partner with is a website that’s been around for awhile now.  Though Paul Myers claims that he himself is earning over $100,000 a month, his website only promises to give you the tools to earn between $500 and $5000 a month online.

Most websites that make such claims generally follow them by promising to give you the ability to do the same.  Partner with Paul claims that you must “walk before you can run” which is why, in the beginning at least, you’ll only be given the key to earning a moderate amount.

In exchange for your email address, Partner with Paul offers to send you to another website where you