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Dailyrewards.com is a website that is run by the company InboxDollars. This company was founded in 2000 and focuses on letting members earn money from their online and mobile activities. InboxDollars is also responsible for other similar websites such as SendEarnings.com and InboxPounds.co.uk. The main purpose of the company for making these websites is to connect consumers with advertisers in such a way that they gain mutual benefits.

InboxDollars and its websites are typically well known and trustworthy. The company is a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business and has even won awards for its various successes. Furthermore, it is also a company recognized by Inc. 5000 for its outstanding growth.


Dailyrewards.com is one of the websites produced by InboxDollars. Like its other websites, it was designed to help its members earn an income from their time spent online.

The website has a number of different activities for its members to do in return for a cash reward.  One of the methods for members to earn some money is by answering surveys. These surveys may come from different survey websites and can pertain to a great variety of different things. The length of each survey is different.

Members are paid an amount of money based on the length of the survey itself.
Alternatively, you can choose to receive emails sent by the website. All you have to do is to read the emails sent to you. This doesn’t earn you very much in terms of monetary compensation, however. But, you can up your earnings by completing offers included in the emails.

You can also earn by becoming a trial user of some new services or products. These will be free for you to try out. This includes signing up for other programs as well.

A fun way to get some cash on the website is by playing games. You can play some of the games for the free. There are also paid games where you compete with other users of the website to win cash prizes.  Once you collect $30 in your account, you can cash out all the money you’ve managed to earn into your bank account.

How Does It Work?

You may find it weird that the website will pay you money for doing something that doesn’t seem to have any benefit to them. Well, you would be mistaken.

The website earns money from companies that use them to conduct market research. In turn, they set up a community of members who can fulfill the research needs. This is especially true when you try out new products and services or give surveys about your preferences.

Companies can gain a lot of insight by obtaining information from people of different demographics. That’s why such a platform works so well. The best part about it is that you get paid and the companies get good information to produce better products for the market. It’s truly a win-win situation.

Cost and Price Plans:

The website is free to use. All you have to do it register for the website membership. After that’s done, it pays you for the activities you conduct while on the website.

Customer Service:

Should you stumble into any issues with using Dailyrewards.com, you can get the help you need by accessing its support page at https://support.dailyrewards.com. There, you can search through various articles to help solve your problem.

Alternatively, the webpage has an online chat function. This allows you to chat with someone who can help you deal with any difficulties experienced quickly and efficiently.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

A very important thing to note about this website is that it is legitimate. Once you meet the conditions set, you should get paid.However, users have expressed some disappointment while using Dailyrewards.com  For one thing, it it a very time-consuming method of earning money online. Each activity that you do doesn’t earn very much in itself. That being said, it may be difficult and take a long time before you manage to accumulate that $30 worth of credit for cash out.

Other users have had issues with qualifying for the surveys made available. Another problem arose with payment, which could take up to one week for processing.

Competitors and Alternatives:

Superpay.me, this website is similar to Dailyrewards.com. However, it is only limited to surveys and paid trials. The website offers payments through PayPal, Payza, Bitcoin, Skrill or in the form of Amazon Gift Cards.

Rewardingways.com is another website that pays you to answer online surveys. It offers instant payment to PayPal while supporting other payment options such as Payza and Skrill.

Offernation.com, Yet another website geared towards helping you earn an extra buck while online. Offernation.com also collects surveys for you to answer for a cash reward. It boasts a low minimum cash out and quick processing of just a few hours.

Where to Buy?

To use this service, all you have to do is go to your browser and key in https://www.dailyrewards.com/. Sign up for membership and you can quickly start earning some extra money online.


Earning some extra money while being online may seem like a fantasy that may lead to getting scammed, but it has become a profitable reality for some. While it may take time to really earn anything substantial, using Dailyrewards.com can be an option to gain some extra cash when you have the time to do it.


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