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Dani Johnson is an American rags to riches story who has recently become quite popular since her appearance on ABC’s “Secret Millionaire.”  At one point in her life, she was living out of her car and working as a waitress when become involved with a Multi Level Marketing company.  She was able to work her way up through the company to being a self made millionaire.

She has since quit the MLM business and moved on to motivational speaking and business coaching.  She travels the nation doing seminars and workshops.  She sells a wide variety of DVD training programs for various business approaches in addition to spiritual/inspirational programs meant to center you and motivate you for success.

Dani Johnson is a devout Christian who often references the Bible and other religious stories and teachings in her own trainings.  This doesn’t mean that her trainings are limited to Christians, simply that part of her business training emphasizes the importance of faith and spiritual strength.

So is Dani Johnson Legit?

Dani Johnson is honestly a self made millionaire.  Customers of her products and trainings rarely have anything negative to say about her, explaining that her story and positive attitude toward the world of business is literally nothing short of inspirational.  Unlike most business training seminars, Dani Johnson is entertaining and motivating.

One of the only real Dani Johnson complaints I could find from any of her previous customers was about the cost of her programs, especially those that focus on MLM business training.  One customer said that while Dani Johnson herself went from poor to rich, she must not remember what it was like to be poor and not have money for the type of programs that Dani is currently selling.

The highest praise Dani Johnson seems to receive is as a motivational speaker.  People truly feel inspired by her story, her energy, and her faith in success.  If you are looking for someone who has been successful in building themselves up in a real life work at home business and who can act as an inspiration to your own business venture, Dani Johnson may be someone to look into.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Dani Johnson " is 2.42 out of 5 based on 12 reviews.
  • I'm a young adult Christian. Dani is a great speaker and teaches you more about people and good character than she does about making money. Her Christianity is her primary driving force, which is amazing, despite what she teaches being relevant to everyone, even those who are not going into network marketing (I'm definitely not).

    I don't understand why people are rating her so poorly on very biased reasoning. She does her job well, teaches well, and teaches good things. The only reason I've seen of her being a bad person is where her money goes to charity (which she definitely wants to help, not to profit from. If she wanted to profit, she would have made her own charity organization instead of using an existing one).

    If you're a christian saying she's false and leading 'dumb sheep', you just made a judgement on not only her, but the folks who listen to her. God uses people all the time, he doesn't just talk to us directly, he uses everything to reach people, and uses everyone. The Bible has people helping other people and asks us to teach. Don't be so high and mighty on your horse to say otherwise. She teaches from the Bible, and from experience. What more do you expect?

    Her methods and tips work, if you take the time to apply them and just do them. She wasn't successful in business or with people until she herself did that and listened to the people who were. Again, her teaching works with any area of life. If you're in entertainment, sports, sales, government, family, ministry or whatever, these principles will help you.


    If you can't stand Christians, don't listen to her, it is her number one driving force in her life, so she is going to teach Biblical principles. Also, if you have biased reasoning to hate her, then don't rate her poorly based on it. She's the woman with the successful business and great relationships, not you.

    (If you're a christian that hates her, shes put it all on the table for God and listens to him and puts him first. Maybe you should try doing the same before putting her in a box)
  • I have been a member of the Dani Johnson family of Dynasty Builders for 5 years this week. I just got home from my 4th Build A Dynasty and was searching for a way to leave a wonderful Google Review when I found this. Clearly the naysayers have never actually been at a First Steps to Success since they would NEVER have written this garbage above. Dani is real, kind, straight forward, brilliant, humble and amazing at getting me to get results. In the last five years my business - NOT AN MLM, but rather traditional Customer Experience Follow Up biz - went from me working 80+ hours a week and earning around $1,000 a month - being an absent mom to me 15 year daughter and a miserable bitch to my sweet hubby - to within just one year of following her formula for success and humbling myself enough to weigh my ego with my dwindling bank account - within one year an entirely new product was born that now yields over $12,000 a month - I have a team of 10 people working alongside me - we take a children of extreme poverty and sex trafficking around the globe strategically with every new client we serve. I work around 20 hours a week and my daughter - now 20 - works in biz too and is BETTER at it than I am (she too has plugged into Dani and got a waitressing job at 16 and saved $10,000 in a year) BUT the best part is my marriage is back to dating days and we are building the life we always wanted. Thank you Dani and Hans Johnson - you have made a Dynasty in me. If you read this and doubt me - email me - I will tell you my story gladly.
  • I was Dani's first friend when Dani Johnson first came to our private Christian boarding school when she was a Junior in high school. I wonder why she never mentions that she went to a private boarding Christian school, had a brand new Ford Thunderbird she received from her parents before she turned 16, that she wasn't raised in a small town as I've heard her state, but in Redding, CA, and that she'd had a ton of friends and was very popular in both schools she attended, (in Redding and in Oregon)?

    My work study job that year involved grading her english and spelling work...if she was dyslexic she certainly didn't show signs of trouble. She was an excellent student who received mostly straight A's.

    The truth I'm speaking is just that, truth. There are a lot of points that she brings up that are great, but the way she spins parts of her past are not accurate, which lead me to question other points.

    Don't get me wrong, the woman is very smart, clever, intelligent, and savvy.

    Even when we were in school she knew how to quickly surround herself with quite a following and set herself up as the leader in the school.

    I wish her all blessings, but I just wish she'd be more transparent. It would go a long way toward proving she's legit.
    • She does say she grew up in Redding, CA and she does say she went to a private Christian Boarding school.. I'm not sure where you got your information from..
  • Dani Johnson is teaching truth. She has no smoke and mirrors. As far as the cost of her products. They are wayyyyy lower than the industry standard and provide a lot more practical advice and guidance that can immediately be put into action.
  • No matter how good you are, people will always point some fault. Same with Dani. That Lady is Blameless.
  • https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/264451422

    I call bullsh!t on her and her “ charity” organization. Why aftershowing years of not taking any profit or salary are executives making a profit from your donations in 2015 and onward??(see link above).

    You can’t say “100%” goes to charity when you show profits on your tax forms.
    • it sounds like you are butt hurt .dani is the real deal either crawl out of your lower self and slap it or crawl into a hole and be miserable
    • I have to agree Ginger, If Dani Johnson was making so much money doing MLM then why did she leave? Why? because anyone who knows the field of Speaking tours, knows that you make a boat load of money, to the tune of double or tripling your current income, sometimes more depending on who your tour sponsor is. Book sales? yeah let's talk about all of that money. Sure she's a millionaire, look at the cost of her seminars. I wonder how rich she would be if and when no one comes to her seminars and buys her tapes or books?
    • It is possible it is because her speaking engagements actually goes towards her taxes. When you or jointly your with your spouse have a business, especially start ups can take years to generate any kind of profit. You can legally give charity from your company. What she would charge in the book isn't the total cost to her for the book. It does look to be that whatever funds she would have received from the cost of her books then gets moved to the charity. She does state she doesn't need the money, as her husband is the main breadwinner of the family. A very rare person, this day and age of everyone trying to make a profit...
  • The Kings Ransom Foundation is an Organization that raises money to Free Children from the Sex Slave Industry. ~ A Disgusting Thing in my Opinion. She is seriously profiting off of it.
    • Which if you understood the human trafficking issue - you'd understand the funds needed to keep this from happening, lobbying government officials (which are half the issue), producing materials to keep the public informed is costly, not to mention all the countries you have to reach out to. Whatever you do to the least of these you do to me. Matthew 25:40. Yes, there are several organizations out there. If you don't like this one, then support another. Because this is a serious issue, not just for young women either anymore.
  • My friends and I would like to know when he transistioned from male to

    Female. Dont agree with his (or her) mlm approach but

    Congrats for transisitioning and also

    Sharing hair and makeup tips on youtube.

    I think he's very brave!
    • I knew Dani Johnson in high school, and we were in sports together. I assure you, she's a she, and always has been. If you're going to hate on her, then do it for a legit reason.
    • Rude and untrue
  • Dana Johnson,

    Uses God as a tool to lull her dumb sheep into her stinky pig pen. She is all about the money folks, what ever it takes to get and for her the bible seems to work well. A real Christian would smell her a mile away.
    • Amen! If Money is the root of all evil, when why do churches and Bible thumpers want so much of it? Did Jesus not tear down the Temple because it was being used for gambling and money making? And yet here we have someone making Millions off the name of GOD for self fulfilment.
    • Agreed no doubt basically a new age televangelist.
    • NE - Dani Johnson doesn't make any money from her seminars and products. 100% of it goes to feed the poor and pay her staff. She makes millions a year from her other businesses and her and her husband live off of less than 10% of their income. Which means... 90% of the millions they make they give to the poor. Also, let's not forget the relationship training on forgiveness, setting priorities (ie putting God and family first) etc...

      Also, I'm not sure a "real Christian" wouldn't call people who attend her conferences "dumb sheep."
  • I am but a beginner in the business world. Now being connected with Dani Johnson I am more confident of my potential success than ever. She has many things for sale, after all she is a business woman. But I have yet to experience anything more than what she offers FREE so far. I have learned that her teachings are compatible with my beliefs, being a born again Christian, to know that she is teaching in lines I agree with says a lot to me about her integrity. She taught me the reasons for my past failures. I can see what she is saying is true because I recognized all those things in my own life and in the way I was thinking. She also teaches prosperity from the Scriptures, I have seen and experienced what she teaches and find it true. I have lost everything from bad decisions, from lack of direction, and lack of support. She delivers all three. I thank God he has caused our paths to cross. I look forward to experiencing the success she preaches about and teaches. I long for the day to get out of debt and once again become a contributing member of society. NO ONE else in my ENTIRE LIFE has Taught me ANYTHING even close to what I have learned from her so far.
    • dear sister,

      Jesus is your teacher, if your not learning from him your not walking with him, it is that simply
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