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The Easy Shift App, found online at EasyShiftApp.com, is a new mobile application that gives people the ability to find and complete basic “tasks” in order to earn extra money in their part time.

This mobile application money earning opportunity is very similar to crowdsourcing, a newly popular way to make money where companies take projects and break them into very simple tasks which can be easily completed.

People volunteer to complete these basic tasks in exchange for a small monetary compensation, and they can do as many or as few tasks as they like to earn extra money each month.

How Does It Work?

After you sign up with their application, you will be able to check the Shifts available in your local area. The website says these Shifts should be available all around you, whether at your local coffee house, gas station, grocery store, and many other locations near you.

These Shifts are designed to only take a few minutes to complete, depending on what they are. Some times these tasks are as simple as taking a picture or giving your opinion on something you see or try at local business.

All Shifts will have a posted “reservation period” listed that explains the amount of time you have to complete your task once you have accepted it. If you do not complete your Shift during this time period, it will be re-released to the public and can be taken by anyone else with availability.

Is It Legit?

Crowdsourcing is a legitimate way to earn from home, traditionally speaking, or in the case of the Easy Shift App, people are able to earn while they are out running errands, on their lunch break from work, or getting ready to meet up with friends.

Like other popular crowdsourcing companies, including Amazon Mechanical Turk and Lionbridge Technologies, the Easy Shift App gives their members points when they successfully complete their Shifts, which allows them to move up a “level.”

The higher the levels you achieve, the more access you have to higher paying Shifts and Shifts in your area in general. This company also promises to pay their users within 48 hours of processing their completed Shift.

For the most part, this mobile application and money earning opportunity seems to be fairly legitimate as it follows the industry standards set by other crowdsourcing companies. Customers who are interested can download and try this app for free.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Easy Shift App Reviews " is 2.25 out of 5 based on 16 reviews.
  • underpaid for your time

    automated customer service

    if a store ends up being closed good luck getting ur money

    I would rather hand wash cars in Alaska wearing a speedo for $8/hr
  • how to sign up , from morocco country?
  • I've been doing it for 3 years now and it used to be one of my favorite ways to make money (and a lot of it). Now it's horrible. They've decreased the pay so much that now to do any shifts, you wont make enough to cover your gas. Greed will kill a business.....
  • It's a dummy mission
  • I have been doing Easy Shift for a few weeks and I like it so far. Once you have done a few shifts, you get a lot faster because you know what is expected of you. Although the pay is typically small, it does add up. Most shifts appear to be in the $4-$6 range but I have found I can generally get the shift done in 15-20 minutes. I haven't had any problems with getting approached by store management. Most people these days seem to use their smart phones for comparison shopping so I think stores are used to people whipping out their smart phones.

    I did my first $18 shift yesterday and it was lengthy! It took me about an hour to finish. Although it wasn't difficult, I probably won't do another shift like that because it is time-consuming and a bit awkward to stay that long and take that many pictures.

    Overall, it has been a good experience so far.
  • So far so good. I started yesterday and I've completed 2 shifts; today I completed 2 and already have been paid for my shifts from yesterday. I haven't had any real issues, especially when doing larger stores such as Walmart or Home Depot-there's less of the employee "confrontation". The first shift I completed was in a tiny Circle K store where after a few minutes of secretly working, I went and explained to the clerk what I was doing, as not to alarm her. She was fine and cooperative yet did advise me if the store were busier, she would have asked me to leave. All in all, so far there are no issues with EasyShift. Sure the effort may outweigh the pay, but there are thousands of people, such as myself, which are more than happy to accept 4-6 shifts of work on the side of my real job, to make extra income for up to an hour of my time.

    2 shifts yesterday totaled $16, 2 shifts today totaled $10. $26 for a total of 3 hours of my time sounds pretty good to me. If you're serious about using EasyShift, find those shifts close to your home (or if you're blessed to have a gas efficient vehicle as I am, travel a little) reserve them before anyone else, and complete them within the 24 hour allotment. It's simple enough for a teenager to make a part time job. Look at it from a positive standpoint and you'll get positive results.

    As with all things in life: YOUR effort yields your fortune.
    • $26 for 3 hours of your time is slave labour dude.. I wouldn't get out of bed for that crap - get higher standards for yourself please please please ..
  • I do mystery shopping all the time and tried this one out today. I went to the store that where they sent me and was told to introduce myself to the clerk. The clerk told me that people from Easy Shift were not allowed to do business in the store and only representatives that worked directly with Red Bull were allowed. This was a waste of time and gas. No, I do not recommend. Fortunately, I decided to try this company out with a store very close to my home.
  • I love EasyShift. What are people talking about. It is quick money you get paud within the same day or within 48 hours. The money is small, but combination of this app and other apps to make money can add up. Sometime uou need money for gas right away. Do a few shifts snd the money is thein your account the next day.
    • That is bs...you obviously are getting paid to comment lol You def dont get paid the next day sometimes it takes them 4 days to even reveiw your stuff and your payment sitsvpending for at least another 2+ days. And thats IF your lucky for them to not reject your shift...yes when they pay its good money but you go to these places with a gamble bc you dont know if they will reject your work. They have rejected 300 dollars of my work....and in some of them they give me a reason they rejected it...i desputed it and they gave me 2 differnt resons for them rejecting than they did the first time.....they are crooked bottom line
    • Don't believe you somehow.. LOL .. did easy shift send you to comment this? Haha
  • Need more reviews. 3 is not enough to sign up and do the job.
  • I found EasyShift disappointing. The pay is low relative to the level of effort required. 300 questions and 10 photos for a supposed "stealthy" job risks blowing your cover and is not worth it for only $6.
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