Stay At Home Income Reviews – Legit or Scam?

EZ Stay At Home IncomeThe Stay At Home Income system is a new work at home opportunity from Judy Wilson.  Wilson claims that with her income system, anyone, regardless of education or experience, can earn up to $329 a day, guaranteed, simply posting links for major corporations.

The posting links opportunity has been around for a long time.  The idea is that you get paid to post an ad which links customers to items they can buy.  Wilson says you can be paid $15 per link, and for an affordable sign up fee of only $49.95, you too can be well on your way to financial freedom.

But how does the Stay At Home Income system differ, if at all, from other previous work at home opportunities that we’ve seen? How do you know whether or not an internet business opportunity is trustworthy?

What to Look For When Deciding Whether An Opportunity is Trustworthy

Beginning at the very top of the sales page, there are actually multiple ways to tell whether or not you can trust a work at home opportunity.  The first is that the top banner announces that there are only 2 positions left in your area.  This is a warning sign.  The Stay At Home Income page is treating this work at home opportunity as though it is a job or program that you must apply for.  This is misleading, as this is a business opportunity and anyone who is willing to pay the fee will be “accepted.”

In fact, if you looked at this sales page every day for the next week, the top banner will still announce 2 remaining positions.  Sales pages do this because they want to create a sense of urgency in their customers.  If you believe that you may miss out on this opportunity, then you are more likely to buy first and ask questions later.

Finally, if you research the actual opportunity that is being presented – being paid to post links – you’ll see that this is also misleading. When you post links, which is a form of affiliate marketing, you are not paid to simply post the link.  Instead, you are paid a commission when a customer who has clicked your link chooses to purchase the item you linked to.  In addition, you must pay to post each link, so not only are you not guaranteed to make money, you may also lose money.

So is the Stay At Home Income a Legitimate Business Opportunity?

Well, beyond the problems mentioned above, the Stay At Home Income system actually has issues far more serious than the above warning signs.  Beginning with, but not limited to, the way it is advertised.

News Daily 7Many people come to this website,, from the News Daily 7 website, or other similar news website that has covered the story of a work at home mom, Kelly Richards, who has successfully used this program to turn her life around.

The problem here is that this news site, and others like it, are fake.  It’s just a system of advertising intended to make you think that this program is legitimate and trustworthy.  The site uses an IP tracker to specifically determine what location you are in, and then it formats the advertisement specific to your location.

This, actually, is the exact same fake news site and advertisement used to promote  Home Online Jobs, which is what this program used to be called.  This is the second major problem with Stay At Home Income – it is simply the new face of an old program that’s already been discredited.

EZ Stay At Home IncomeHome Online Jobs

As you can see, the sales pages are nearly identical.

This is a common tactic used by companies whose reputations have become negative and whose names have become associated with bad customer reviews and complaints.  They simply change their name, and in this case, the name of their spokesperson from Michele Mathews to Judy Wilson, and then they move on to new customers.

If you need to reach “Stay at Home Income” they have listed the following contact info: Search and Social, LLC 5940 S Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89118 (877)-355-7771 [email protected].

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " EZ Stay At Home Income " is 0 out of 5 based on reviews.
  • I to was taken in by this work from home business. To anyone looking into this work from home don't its a scam that how they make there money off of people like us don't fall for this its noting more than a scam David
  • This is a COMPLETE FRAUD to take your initial 98$ they ask you to sign up for more props to make more money off tops then direct u to another number when u decline that, after that good luck talking to anyone.. yeah they call here and there and hang up on you, they just pretend to make it look like they are trying to help you but really they have NO INTENTIONS of helping you do anything I was fooled by reading the comments thinking I might have a shot, so Im hoping to help someone else not make the same mistake I made.. I wanted to believe It would work but they are of no assistance. whoever wrote the good reports is obviously fake accts. Geesh I wish I would have done further research.. shame on NBC and the rest of the networks for promoting such a fraud! thats what fooled me! SMH!! Never again!
  • I start the sign-up process today, but decided to investigate further. I am happy that I did. I found this website. I did give them my contact information. Thankk God I have a second email account for junk stuff. It has no contacts except companies.
  • I initially signed up at 11:00 p.m. on Tuesday and the next morning speaking with a Marketing Representative, I was advised about more monetary requirements. At that point I cancelled and said that I was no longer interested. When attempting to cancel the service and get a refund, I was told that I had to do the program for 30 days for a refund. I feel this is a scam, I have no business materials, nor, do I want to invest beyond the $74.00 and $97.00 invested. This was not truthful advertisement. I was given the impression that one investment only. Please be careful with this company.
  • I am 60 yrs. old, on a fixed income,I chose this because it would give me a chance to make some extra money.This is not what it say it is.My stay at home income is a rip-off. Don't pay your hard earned money for this !!!!!
  • Omg i purchased this product a week ago i advertised some ads on craigslist backspace and so forth but for some reason i wasn't getting any results. Today i decided to research this on the BBB website and came to the conclusion that i have been scamed. This is so frustrating and depressing the money has already been pulled out as well for the Vip members only upgrade. Now as i read here I'm gonna have a problem receiving my finds back what in Gods name is wrong with people. I cant believe i fell for this. Don't know what to do now. Does anyone have any suggestions please email me at [email protected]. I should of known better I've stayed away from these scams for ever until now.
  • i Legit just bought this one hour ago. I will never fall for such bs ever again. They are not associated with the Better Business Bureau (look on the BBB website and look them up), and after reading many reviews from MANY different websites and sources I came to the conclusion that I just fell for a scam. I called my card company (chase) and asked them to cancel my transaction. they for some reason COULD NOT! so we decided that in order for me to get all my money back (since it was still pending) they just canceled my card and sent another one asap. I will not get charged for the 97 and the extra 27 or whatever the vip cost. Honestly this was better since now they won't even have any of my card information anymore. I then decided to call the stay at home income customer service just to cancel my information. I talked to a lady named Christy ( I know same name, we laughed about it at first), who seemed very kind at first and willing to help until I said that I want to cancel my information. I know that this is not her personal fault so I obviously never raised my tone with her or was rude in any way. She then asked me

    "Why do you want to cancel your membership?" me- "To be honest- I know that it is not legitimate and not associated with the Better Business Bureau." "ACTUALLY you were given some false information. we ARE." me- "I just went on their website and the company is not, it's honestly irrelevant, the point is- I want to cancel my membership." "I'm sorry I can't do that- it looks like the money already went through - I can't cancel your membership," me- "Oh, the money didn't go through yet, I'm looking at my statement right now. I also ordered a new card just to make sure." "YOU DID WHAT? SO YOU FILED A DISPUTE!?!?" me- "not yet, and I won't unless I get what I'm requesti-" (cut me off) "YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU JUST DID." me- "I didn't do anything. My card company gave me the phone number to file the dispute after the pending changes to a new status. That has not happened yet." "I KNOW WHAT A DISPUTE MEANS I AM NOT AN IDIOT." (legit this was the conversation. I am a receptionist so i know how to handle these things pretty well, but my blood level was rising - i will FOR SURE file a dispute). me- "I'm not here to ask you for a refund or talk about my money with you in any way, I've already taken care of that. please just cancel my information NOW." " I can cancel your membership but not your information, I also cannot guarantee that you won't get any emails from us." me- "What can you guarantee?" Then the phone hangs up.

    I have never been spoken to in such manner, and at the same time been tried to be convinced that they are a legitimate company. It does not make sense. Have some common sense, and do research before you get yourself in my position or worse. These people who are commenting here are legitimate people, and get your sources from anywhere BUT the website itself. I think there was a lesson made here, I hope others can see through this.
    • Great i have kept myself from doing these things for so long and now when i need the money the most i take a chance and get burned I just bought the stupid thing like an hour ago but it is saturday so have no way of talking to the bank. what do i do now?
    • I just bought the system over the weekend and really thought I could make some money but of course I was scammed and now I have to lie to my bank so they can refund my money because these people lied about refunding your money without questions. They said I have to give it a try for thirty days to get my money back but I am not going to do that because their affiliates want more monetary gain from people like us.
    • Wow thank u for that bit of info. I myself was not as lucky, caucion if you want to make money real bad dont jump in as i did. Also the

      vip is 74.00 dollars. I myself hate this whole deal I feel that is sickening what they r promising people. There are lots of hard working prople such as myself and r willing to work hard for a legitamate bussiness. I have not yet called them I have had this program since 4/2 and I spent aproxminately 5 hours a day on the computer. Results it took me till the 15th of april to get my site up and running.

      How much have i made , 1.70. also it now doesnt even show payment for that. I plan on posting this as much as possible on as many sites as possible, log a complaint with the bbb. and fight for my money back. They claim u have to have the system for 30 days however if you r not on the computer constantly they will claim u didnt give it a fair shot. shame on me for being to eager to work and shame on them for the lies and deceit and fradulent behavior. thank u much for your comments and i am Bo Rackley and i reside in vancouver wa.
  • After purchase of system, I could not log in even a day later and NO information was sent to e-mail. Don't do it!
    • Do Not download their e-books.
    • I purchased this system yesterday 2/26/13. Transaction completed by 1:00 pm. by 10:30 p.m. still never received log-in info. or VIP members Login page. NOTHING. This morning still nothing. I called my credit card company to STOP PENDING TRANSACTION. This took 5 calls to Profit Web System with Credit card company with me on line. Two charges were being ask to stop. THe 97.00 initial program amount and $27.00 VIP Members. Both supposedly guaranteed with an 8 week 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked. LIE LIE LIE. Lea with customer support? after much help from credit card co. issued the $97.00 transaction amount, BUT the $27.00 VIP Member has to be disputed because Lea said that it was NOT Refundable. Best advice if it sounds to good to be true it probably is. DON'T DO THIS unless you have completely researched this company, as I should have done.

      Dissappointed but relieved I caught this is a timely manner. Good Luck, Sam :}
  • I too fell for this garbage. It didn't seem right after the fact. And then the part where they ask for your balance and your credit. Thats when I said wait a minute. I later called and asked for them to cancel the account. And they go on and keep telling you to wait for 30 days for a full refund. But I demanded that they cancel and refund me my money back today not tomorrow, NOW!. I got hung up on, I called 15 minutes later and got somebody else. I told her to cancel and refund me my money back. She told me that "it had just been canceled and would get my money back in 3-5 days. We'll see, but still call your bank.
  • Sad to say I only looked them up after I bought the package and was told that I need to call right away for free consultating. When I called the number they wanted to know about my financial status, how much I owed in debt, my savings account balance and my income. Of course this was only to see how much more I can be fleeced for.

    I received a free eBook collection as a bonus, it consists of 15 different eBooks with PLR rights, of course when I downloaded them it released a trogan horse in my system. I am now trying to get that fixed. People PLEASE I BEG YOU STAY AWAY FROM EZ Stay At Home Income.... I'M here licking my wounds and trying to recover.
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