Google Work from Home Kit Reviews – Legit or Scam?

In the latest work from home trend, marketing companies are focusing on selling the dream of Google work from home opportunities.  There are hundreds of these websites claiming that if you sign up for their kit they’ll show you how to make $200 – $600 a day posting links on Google.

The most egregious of these offenders go out of their way to make you believe that you’ll be working directly for Google Inc.  They post pictures of Google headquarters in CA and will even use buzzwords like “hiring,” “employment,” and “work at home jobs.”

What’s even worse is how low they’ve stooped to market these Google work from home kits.  The most common method is to use a fake online newspaper.  They create a website that mimics the home page of popular online news portals; they even include minute details like a weather forecast.

These fake newspapers feature one article with a variation of one of the following headlines:

How a Stay At Home Mom Makes $7359/ Month on Google

Is Working Online At Home The Next Gold Rush?

Breaking News: Google Hiring Americans to Work from Home

These articles profile a successful work at home Mom or Dad who are using one of these kits to not only survive these hard times, but make a killing working from home.  At the bottom of the article there’s a procession of comments, which are also fake, followed by pictures of checks and more links to purchase a start-up kit.
Here are some examples of what these sites look like…

fake-news-sitemary steadman

Google Work at Home Kits the Biggest Scams to Date?

Aside from the deception used to get you to click through to one of these kits, the worst part is still to come.  These kits are practically given away for nominal shipping and handling fees of around 2 bucks; however you need to read the terms and conditions to get the full story.

What you are really signing up for is a trial period of the product; depending on which kit you purchase you have between 3 – 7 days to cancel.  If you fail to do so, they will begin to charge you a high monthly fee for the continual use of the product.  To make matters worse, often times they take the liberty of signing you up for additional trials for products you never even heard off, much less requested.

This is completely unethical and these Google work from home opportunities have fleeced customers for hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Since these billing stipulations are hidden in the fine print most people fail to see them until it’s far too late.

If you already fell for one of these scams there are several things you can do:

1) If you still have the link to the original offer, follow it and read the Terms and Conditions page to get a cancellation number.  What makes this difficult is that these kits are hosted on complicated domains like “…”

Almost no one remembers them and to further complicate matters these sites are always changing names and numbers.

Here’s a list of some of the more popular ones at the time of writing this article:

make money from home with google
Name: Make Money From Home With Google
Phone Numbers: 1-877-361-8622, 1-877-495-1145, 1-800-418-9320 ( Need to call all 3 to cancel additional programs)
Address: Search 4 Profit, LLC.7614 Arvilla Avenue.Sun Valley, CA 91352

profit library

Name: Profit Library with Google
Phone Number: 1-800-440-4397
Address: 625 Main street West Indies Nevis

Profits at home using Google
Name: Profits at Home Using Google
Phone Number: 877-484-8016, International: 00-1-646-205-0216
Address: Pacific WebWorks, Inc – Utah, USA

2) The easier option is to call your bank or credit card and report these fraudulent charges.  In most cases your credit card company will have a phone number for you to call and cancel the monthly charges.  Still, this doesn’t always work and in many cases people have resorted to reporting their cards stolen and are not taking responsibility for the purchase.

It’s pretty clear that you should stay away from any offers that resemble anything mentioned in this article.  The information in these Google work from home scams is outdated and definitely not worth the monthly fees.

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  • My boyfriend's mom sent me a link for this particular scam...she meant well, but I was instantly skeptical. I searched the title of the article and voila! Found just what I suspected I would find. Too good to be true. Back to good old hard work! :-)
  • Beware anytime you see any kind of offers that are free or began with services or products that are sometimes under priced etc. And also read the hidden fine print closely as you could get into future charges on your accounts that were used to make the first purchase. And then do not expect much interest in catching these culprits as most countries are slow about pursuing such persons due to not having a police department to handle them. Even the large credit card companies and banks write off this type of loss as a normal part of the internet banking and transactions done via the internet.

    And since odds are in favor of the criminals that are doing all of it about all we have to look forward to is even more of this type of problem coming to us on our computers. So such scams as these will continue to enrich the culprits as long as they keep such thefts down to only a few hundred bucks per transaction. And so that leaves us with little support and them the culprits getting away with large thefts with the volume of takers they are getting.
  • It goes show you the old saying "if it sounds too good to be true, then it more than likely is". It frightens me to see the exuberatng amount of people year after year fall for the same internet hoax they did before just in a different form. What is the matter with people these days is they do not take the time to research there endevours. Not to mention these internet scammers are getting really good at what they do. I was sent an email from an unknown about 10 years ago regarding an opportunity to make some real good money buying products at local stores and sending them overseas and all I needed to do was to provide them the billing informtion for payments. They stated they would send the money orders first to buy and ship te items and what ever was left out of a fixed amount was mine to keep. At first I admit it sounded like a good business venture. Then it dawned on me if they were a reputible company why would they not be able to purchase these at a better rate then I ever culd and why would they offer to send the money prior to my even excepting the offer. This is the kind of anlytical thinking we all need to exersize, and maybe one of the reasons ur economy is failling. We do not follow simple business ethics and just mke some pretty uneducated decsisions.
    • Yes they are right some one is making 10k a month from others that fall for this think about all the people that send in the 20 bucks to get the package. I feel sorry for people that have it bad and along come this sweet fairy tale importunity and they make them self believe it will work.
  • Thank you everyone!

    I came close. As a HR recruiter I know better at the same time with three kids and wishing I could be at home with them more the emotion come over you and people are looking for the secrets to success and that is how they get you. They not only on-line scam but they call you to saying contribute this much and we can make 10 folds for you. It is a different scam however they were asking for thousands and if you say I don’t think so someone in the back is screaming She ain't got the money hang up on har! hundreds of people lost thousands and it broke them financially and their spirit and their hearts.
  • thanks man. Idiot brother keeps sending me these links about mums who work at home and earn as much as $6,000 to $10,000 a month. And that is for less than 15 hours of work a week. But come on man, even highly trained professionals e.g. doctors, lawyers, software engineers and even some entrepreneurs etc. do not make as much money in such a short time. What you have to do is ask yourself where all that money is coming from? for just posting internet links for the benefit of customers you get this much money? Who are those customers and how much money do they throw at these so called online companies?

    come on guys think about it. If all the 7bn or so people on earth signed up to these so called easy money "opportunities" where is all the money going to come from? will that system not break? I don't no much but I believe in everyone doing an honest job for honest pay. Peace. Sorry for my incoherence, but I was just too pissed off.
  • If you notice when you go to their site it has your location and apprently whatever person they are saying got this much money is from your location. But if you use a proxy (https) there will be no location at all. The general idea of them being in your area is supposed to make you feel safer and pull you in.
  • Thank you to everyone for posting your comments... I am so glad to have looked into this more carefully!.. The add seemed legit and seemed to good to be true?.. It even says things like "As seen on CNN"; I even for a moment considered it but read the fine the fine print... and when they ask for a credit card number?.. this sure made me think twice! I can only hope that everyone reads these statements and keeps their hard earned money for themselves! This is so wrong!
  • First off! you are really dumb if you think paying someone to make money is Legit! They should be paying you. Wow, this is ridiculous.
  • Get real! if this was legit do you think that the unemployment rate would be still going up?And also it wouldn't just be in the online news it would be in your local newspapers and on the news on your television.There are real online jobs out there but like Jon said they aren't anything like you see on here.A real legit online job that pays alot of money requires years of college, owning and hosting a website,that all costs mucho dinero,more then most of us would earn in a lifetime at our current jobs.ANd most online jobs would require you to go to their place and fill out a resume so look at the facts before you fall for those scams!
  • There are online jobs out there but nothing like the ones that are offered large amounts of money like these fake ones claim to do. Any legit online job available will only be equivilent to minumum wage or any ones that offer a significient enough amount of money to be able to quit your away from home will require at least a master's degree and having your own website if you're lucky enough to have anyone visit it and even then they won't pay anywheres near what these ones claim to pay. So I agree with you about online jobs that don't exist. Everyone says "if it sounds like it's too good to be true, then it probaly is" there's no probaly about it. If it sounds too good to be true then it IS too good to be true 100 percent.
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