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Home Profits Online
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Home Profits Online


Home Profits Online is a work at home business opportunity from Diana Thompson, which claims you need no prior experience or special skills in order to earn up to $377.95 a day.

Like many work at home opportunities available online, Home Profits Online is an affiliate marketing opportunity, specifically link posting. This is where you post links for another company, and if your link makes a sale, you receive a commission.

In order to start with Home Profits Online, you simply need to pay $97.95 to enroll in their Wealth Certification Development Program, and the website says you can receive your first payment in just hours of completing their program.

What is Home Profits Online Really Selling?

Actually, if you decide to enroll in the Wealth Certification Program, you’ll see that you are actually buying the Home Profit Web program. Reviewopedia has previously looked at Home Profit Web and identified a lot of issues with that program.

Home Profit Web and Home Profits Online are actually just one of many, many Wealth Development Certification Programs across the web, and theirs is one of the most expensive, at $97.95.

In addition, if you are interested in affiliate marketing, you should look for information online first, as there is a large amount of info available for free. That way, you’ll know whether or not you are even interested in this type of business before you invest $97.95.

The Bottom Line

After you complete your free research to determine whether or not affiliate marketing and link posting is really an opportunity you are interested in, you should still carefully consider before investing in Home Profits Online and Home Profit Web.

Though they claim to have a 30 Day Ironclad Guarantee, customers who have purchased Home Profit Web have said that they receive no response when they attempt to contact customer service either for help or for a refund.

Besides, as affiliate marketing and link posting are independent business opportunities, you don’t actually need certification in order to participate. Rather you just need information regarding how to get started, which, as mentioned before, is available online for free.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Home Profits Online " is 1.13 out of 5 based on 8 reviews.
  • Well, I am kind of disappointed that this turned out to be a scam. Should have known, if it's too good to be true? Then it usually is. Too bad, this guy sounded really convincing. I've got like 10 names of online bizs where you can make money online. They don't have all the glorius bells and whistles like this Home Profits biz does and maybe that's what makes it attractive? Because it's a fraud. Kind of like a relationship? lol.

    Anyway I am so tired of this crap. But I'm also tired of all the guys with the "real things" out there charging an arm and a leg to join up with them, then to be an affiliate you have to also be purchasing the product every month. I do know affiliate marketing is really the only way to go and MLM is the shits. I'm sure there are some great gigs out there. I just wish I could find one. Every single invitation I get is either to a brand new online MLM something and costs money to get in, or, well, you know what I mean.

    How about all those paid surveys that are supposed to make you hundreds of dollars a day? What? I give up. Every time I have tried the survey route, I wait and wait to get one sent to me then I sit and spend an hour answering survey questions before they finally tell me, thanks for your answers but you are not qualified to take this survey. Here's another survey if you care to try this one, we'll pay you $1.00 for this 20 minute survey? WTH? I guess I will never find anything that I can join and make some good money at it, it doesn't even need to be great money at first

    I'm beginning to believe that you have to do something all on your own and you have to have an entrepreneur to do so. Thanks and if anyone has any good ideas? I'd like to hear them.
  • I just got scammed for $37.00,they said you can have a refund no question ask,so whe. I read what's all about it I called them back wanted a refund,they told me to go on their website which I did,they said they will send me a response but never got of their response regarding a refund on my money,do it's really a scam.Please dont go for this,coz it's a scam,but I used my Amex card,a will report them and charge back.
  • I got Home Profits, it was a very hard job to learn. I am ashamed to say what i paid them. i am going to turn it over to my lawyer if i dont get my refund.
  • You should always think twice when you have to pay money to get a job, even one online. There are several, several legitimate work at home opportunities. Look on indeed, set up a profile/resume and have them search for jobs like telecommunte, work at home, home based, work at home, remote. You may need a skill and experience. But some are no experience (of course they are almost no pay BUT you get experience to get that next one that does pay better). These jobs range from home based customer support, to any number of specialized jobs medical coder, medical biller, analysts, virtual assistant, secretaries, transcriptionists (I almost hesitate to add this one as I am a transcriptionist and between greedy hospitals not wanting to pay an employee and greedy companies and software developers - selling an idea that isn't really feasible; medical transcription has dropped from a decent wage to basically typing a report for .035 cents per line or less if you go with people who pay by dictated minute). Bottom line in transcription, if you dictator speaks well and intelligible and audibly, then editing would be easier but the jobs that need the editing or poor speakers so you basically type the document for 1/3 of the pay or less. General and legal transcriptionists always got more respect.

    My resume on Indeed got me a call from this company. She mentioned reviews in the voicemail. There are jobs in reviewing webpages that you can get online - you need a headset with a microphone. They pay 10 to 13 an hour. I've Googled this company to check them out, b/c there are legitimate ways to make money with Amazon - not a lot, Amazon likes to make the a lot, so that leaves less for anybody else. I am also unimpressed with Amazon's Mechanical Turk and Fiverr. Cheap and competitive doesn't begin to describe it. Task Rabbit makes you pay for a background check, which I won't do.

    Again, there are legitimate jobs for work at home opportunities, some with benefits, they require an application process but no money.


  • Well, these people go by multiple names if you research deep enough. ClickCloneCash, Surveys2go.com, Homeprofits.com. They have a slu of internet names they go by. They got me just for a mere $37. No biggy, they stole my money. Hey if that how you people have to make your money, by stealing. Karma looks right back at ya. Such a shame, but wait, a rich man has no shame. So pathetic and I'm not even done yet.
  • Thank you for delivering me from this temptation. Thank you alot!
  • Dear

    unable to register my self ....

  • fraud fraud fraud!!!!
  • Thankfully, I never bought into it after googling "home profits online" which brought me here. For kicks I tried calling the 800 number Henry posted above and got a non-working number. I'm not giving them my VISA number after seeing these posts! Thank you all!
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