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The Home Website Builder is a website that claims the ability to make money is as simple as 1, 2, 3. 1 is choosing your website template, 2 is picking the products you will sell on your website, and 3 is earning money! The best part is that Home Website Builder will provide you with the website you need to do this for free.

Well, maybe not free. As you go through the process of setting up your free website, you will quickly see that Home Website Builder says that you can have a free website, but it’s not likely to make you money. Having one website is more for people who wish to have a “hobby.”

But if you do want to make money online, then all you have to do is pay the temporarily discounted price of $97.95. For this fee, you will receive 10 websites to begin, with the ability to add more free websites down the line. In addition you get sales tracking, 24/7 support, and other benefits and features not available to those who just wish to have a free website.

Is Home Website Builder Legit?

Home Website Builder is taking a successful, proven method of making money online – which is using a website either for affiliate marketing or selling products – and handling it in such a way that their customers are almost guaranteed to make no money. Let me explain.

Probably the best method of making money online is by monetizing a website, and you do this through selling products on the website or by referring your visitors to buy the products of someone else, and receiving a commission for that referral (affiliate marketing).

Home Website Builder is essentially offering you either method of making money online, but they are giving you pre-made, automated websites. And they are giving every single other customer who signs up for their program the exact same, pre-made, automated website they are giving you, and those people will be selling the same products you are.

In addition, they are advocating that you enter some of the hardest markets in which to make money online – weight loss, paid surveys, relationship advice? These areas are completely saturated with highly competitive, motivated, and experienced sellers. Competing in these markets would be difficult under the best of circumstances, but doing it with pre-made websites that are identical to many others out there? You have almost no hope of succeeding.

If you are interested in making money through affiliate marketing or online sales, you owe it to yourself to begin your own, unique website. Spending time pouring money and time into a website that is almost doomed from the beginning is not the best way to begin your online career.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Home Website Builder " is 1.41 out of 5 based on 41 reviews.
  • at the end of the day.....all these "free" website builders and hosters OWN YOUR WEBSITE....you cant leave and take it with you ....if you dont pay the ever-increasing and exorbitant fees....they can claim....buyer beware.....build your own and purchase your own domain....if it has an extension of their company....ie, my company/ their company..... they own it .....run like hell....
  • Hi Paul

    Do you make use of the product? and do u make money.

    Its their people that realy made money from this?

    im lost here
  • Im from South Africa and have been looking at Home Website Builder and was very interested in it look at the success with anthony joined then saw the upsell so now waiting for my refund. now im looking at this and it seems the same principal. pay 57$ then still have to pay more and there is no garuntee other that your money back and it seems like thats also a problem. well looking at these reviews i dont think im gona continue it seems like a hoax and also paying in ZAR its converted by 9 so i have to pay 9X the amount of the initial cost. so im not prepared to try if there is no garuntee to get your money back even when you put 60 day money back and thats not even legit how can you have a system that works if you cant even give the money back. i will join only if you wave the upsell fees so that i can see if it works and if so then will happily pay the money monthly. so paul wilson if you can sort that i will happily pay 57$ and test it out. what you say to that
    • I just did some research on who owns my URL Domain Names at Home Web Site Builder through VeruSign.com. I was under the impression I owned the two Domain Names I paid too much for. Wrong !

      The scam artists that charge even more than a good WebHosting, Domain Name Registar own it all. These creeps really take advantage of us newbe's that had or still have no clue. I got the pro account and trying to fill in the content is not working properly. Then they make you look Micky Mouse by adding your an affiliate leaving other links going to their sites. Yes I can see where these websites are over saturated on the web with a lot of different Domain Name URL's leading to them.

      Well, there goe's a wasted three hundred dollars and yes it's past the 90 days by a week now. Free shipping though only on the rock they call the United Kingdom, England. WARNING: Do Not Use that Home WebSite Builder what ever you do. A waste of time and money. Get some knowledge first in what your doing.
    • i did try out,i paid 24.95 for registration fee and set up my account, then they said that i had to upgrade to pro for $57.00. i did that also, so i set up like 7 websites and am waiting for someone to come click and purchase the product but no one seems to be buying anything. almost 3 weeks gone and i was yet to make a dime from this and i have spent my hard earn money in it. i request a refund for my 2 monies invested in it and i got both back in about a week.

      it could not be a scam but i think it's not that worth it for me.think it's better u really work for your money than sit around waiting for free money.smh
  • Hi,

    I have registered with this site by paying $24.97 but they are asking me to upgrade by paying some more amount. I am not sure how far it is true.

    Can somebody tell me the procedure to place a request for amount refund.
  • i wish to close my account [email protected]. please do and advise me. thank you.
  • not at all satisfied. sent email for refund.

    will wait.
    • i've done the same. let's see what they say. complete B.S if u ask me. if u gonna have to upgrade this and upgrade that to make ur membership rake in the $$$, u'll just end up spending more $$$.
  • Hi,

    I am not satisfied with the service of home website builder. I invested a 24 USD for creating an account Home money package in home website builder. I completed product reviews also, but next step asking me money again for domain creation (its not specified earlier). I don't have any money left for that, so all my efforts got waste. Please refund my money as soon as possible.

    I had sent copy of this mail to [email protected]

    Name: Aneesh George K
    • Hello Aneesh,

      I can confirm that you will need to set up a domain for each website that you create. This is the standard procedure whether the website is set up via Home Website Builder or not.

      However, you can register a free sub-domain if you wish. This won't cost you anything and you can register a sub-domain for every website you create.

  • I signed up to this dreadful service only to be given someone else's login details!!

    I sent them numerous emails asking for my details and then several for a refund and they tried to fob me off saying that my email address wasn't in their system and the just stopped any communication.

    home website builder scam fraudster

    home website builder warning

    shiploo.com warning

    shiploo.com scam fraud

    Stay away from home website builder from dhiploo.com

    They took my money and ran!!

    This will be one review of many I make with home website builder scam fraud!!
    • I do really like this comment, why? BECAUSE If happened with me. They took money and RUN away!!! It is absolutely true. It totally bad.

      Don´t use home website builder, stay away from it.

      DON¨T USE!!!!
  • It is such a stupid scam website. They say money is refunded. But they will not tell any transaction details. They don even have a telecall option to get the details. I really regret my stupidity of trying invest in this... People be aware of this website for heaven sake
    • Hello Rubini,

      I can confirm that if you have received confirmation from our billing team that your refund has been processed.

      If you haven't received the refund within the 3-7 working day period, you will need to contact your card issuer for assistance.

    • No reply yet :( .
  • Hi Paul

    As per your reply i have been sending tons of messages to your support team and got tons of tickets as response. They said to send mail to [email protected]. I have been waiting from May 31st for refund. Once i got a mail from your team like, money is refunded on June 5th 2012. But to my suprise, i have not received any amount in my bank. From then onwards i am sending so many mails to you people and there is not even a single reply from the support team.

    If it is the case :(, i can advise people not to believe your site as i feel you do it with cause so that you can cancel my refund :(.
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