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Market Force, at, is a company which uses something they call “customer intelligence” to help multi location business owners please their customers and orient performance in an efficient and profitable way.

Market Force defines customer intelligence as a “new, emerging methodology” for insight into your customers’ experiences in your store, as well information on the stores themselves, and your finances, and most importantly, how the three interact.

They claim that they will use advanced analytics to determine what store level changes will impact your finances the most. As part of their intelligence gathering system, Market Force employs Secret Shoppers and Certified Field Associates on a paid, part time, flexible basis.

The Mystery Shopping Opportunity

Mystery shoppers are assigned to go to a wide variety of retailers – such as gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, or banks – to basic shopping tasks and then report back on the customer service, product selection, cleanliness, or other specific information sought by the assignment.

Mystery shoppers are either paid for the assignment they complete, or they are reimbursed for the purchases they made while on the assignment. For example, if your assignment is to evaluate service at a restaurant, often you will be reimbursed for your meal instead of paid for completing the assignment.

Market Force also employs what they call Certified Field Associates (CFA), who are different from mystery shoppers because they perform different types of assignments, such as checking store displays, whether a specific item is in stock, or head counting in movie theaters.

CFAs are paid for all assignments they complete successfully, as well as potentially qualifying for reimbursement for tickets and concessions for certain movie theater assignments. With Market Force, you can sign up to be both a mystery shopper and a CFA.

What to Know

If you are interested in signing up as a mystery shopper or CFA with Market Force, you’ll have to 20 years old with at least a high school education, as well as a computer with high speed internet access. Some jobs will also require you to have a digital watch and/or a digital camera.

It is free to apply to Market Force, and your application will be evaluated within 48 hours of submission. If you are accepted, you will be contacted by email.

But it is important to note that if you are accepted, you will not be an employee of Market Force. Rather you will be acting as an Independent Contractor, which has different tax requirements that you should know about beforehand.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Market Force " is 2.16 out of 5 based on 19 reviews.
  • I have been a mystery shopper with Market Force since 1984 and have never had any problems whatsoever. It does take about a month to get paid, but I ALWAYS got paid for the shop and reimbursement. Yes, there are times that if an assignment is not done correctly or you don't follow instructions you may not get compensated.
  • These people do their very best to not pay you for the "intel" you provide them. I am very very disappointed in their poor performance and lack of direction/care for new people. I spent money twice that I'll never get back, and with the poor payments they provide, it would take a very long time before any money I would get from them would break me even. SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY, FIND A REPUTABLE ORGANIZATION TO AFFILIATE WITH.
  • I can't believe this company still exists. Stay away from them, they are a scam.
  • I am currently crossing my fingers that I even/ever get paid for the assignments which I completed - theatre standee installs that were like a virtual rubiks cube, and such other time-consuming tasks.

    To say the least, they do not instill a lot of confidence. I am waiting to see if I actually get paid until I even consider doing any more assignments for them as a "Certified Field Associate".

    I will update in a couple weeks to let you all know if I actually get paid - and if they actually live up to the (comically pitifully low) bonuses

    (The 2-Poor Rating is because I don't think a person should have to sit on pins in needles worrying if they will actually get paid)
  • This is a good company to work for if you want free food. The problems- you pay out of pocket and have to wait over a month for reimbursement. Plus, if you don't give a really good review of the company, they will find a way not to pay you. No lie. I did 30 shops before I gave up on them. I had 3 bad customer service experiences and for all three of them they found BS excuses not to pay me on them. So I learned just to lie and say everything was great. But after a while it's not worth time (shopper paperwork can take up to 30-45 minutes to complete) and gas to get a free meal at a fast food restaurant.
    • I really like your review but that's odd that they didn't want to pay you for honest feedback when I thought that's what they wanted. There's no purpose in your being a secret shopper if you won't get paid for an honest review!
  • DO NOT do business with the company. IT IS FRAUD! They have been sending checks that draw on my account (I have absolutely nothing to do with this company) for over a month now. I was able to shut down that account before any of the fraudulent checks cleared but I keep getting calls from individuals and banks because they keep trying to draw on my account.

    Again...IT IS FRAUD! Do not associate with these criminals!
  • Avoid this company, they make nearly impossible to get paid, you have to wait OVER a month to get paid. They will constantly return you work submissions and they will do so after nearly a month after your qork submission, as not to pay you and make you wait a whole new month after correcting the issue. They are a close to a SCAM as they come!
  • Never get pay
  • My store was audited 2 weeks in a row. Every time they audit its a brand new person who doesnt know what they are doing. The last person that was in here was the worst. She didnt know what to do, she forgot to print off all the paperwork, sat at one of my work computers for 30min just reading what she was suppose to do, and after she left i have been getting calls from her for the past 4hrs with more questions. Im in a busy store and i dont have time to waste my day away with someone that doesnt even know what they are doing.
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