OpinionWorld.com Reviews – Legit or Scam?

OpinionWorldOpinion World (www.OpinionWorld.com) is a market research site that pays members for taking surveys.  Opinion World has been around for a couple of years now, and though they used to be available internationally, they are currently only available to US residents.

For those of who you don’t know, market research or trying to make money taking surveys is one of the oldest and most popular ways of earning extra money online.  While you won’t become rich or even be able to replace your regular income by taking online surveys, it is an easy way of making some extra money.

Each market research company operates in a unique way, so it is important to understand the policies and characteristics of each company before you sign up.

Making Money with OpinionWorld

Many market research websites entice their customers by promoting the idea of making money taking online surveys, because that is the “easy” method that most potential members are thinking about.  In order to make money, all you have to do is answer questions about things you already think or believe, or your own personal habits.

But once members sign up at these other companies, they quickly realize that they are expected to do much, much more than simply take surveys every once in awhile.  There are ads to watch, referrals to make, consumer panels to join, and product trials to sign up for.  Sometimes it can get a bit complicated and even expensive – if you don’t cancel those trials on time, you can get charged for products or services you never truly wanted.

But OpinionWorld is one of the rare market research websites that simply wants you to take surveys.  It’s free to become a member and you won’t be pestered to participate in anything other than the occasional survey.

However, Opinion World doesn’t offer traditional monetary compensation.  Instead, you will be given points for the surveys you complete (on average roughly 100 points per paid survey) and once you receive 1000 points (which equals $10.00) you can cash out your account and either request a gift card from one of their retail partners, or you can request the funds added to a PayPal account.

Strategies for Earning with OpinionWorld

Opinion World is also different from other market research companies in that it offers you shorter, less detailed surveys to take on an almost daily basis, however, you won’t be paid.  Instead, when you complete these surveys, Opinion World will donate money to charity.

The surveys for which you actually get paid come far less frequently, anywhere from once a week to once a month.  However, there are some things you can do to increase your earning potential.

  1. Keep your profile updated.  The more specific you are with your details, and the better you are at recording changes to your profile, the more likely you are to get surveys that you will qualify for and therefore get paid for.  Any life changes from losing a job to having a child to switching from regular to decaf coffee will make a difference in the surveys you receive, so be diligent.
  2. Take advantage of the “extras.”  Every once in awhile OpinionWorld will send you an email, asking that you update your profile, or confirm some information for them.  Often they will offer you a small point reward for doing so.  So do it!  It will take two seconds, and you’ll reach your redemption level much quicker.
  3. Enter yourself in the drawings.  Opinion World chooses randomly selected prize winners from random drawings they do on a regular basis.  Make sure you are always entered for these drawings.
  4. Finally, take every survey you are offered.  Maybe a survey looks too long or you know before you take it that you might get disqualified.  Do it anyway.  Every time you are disqualified from a survey (and therefore don’t get paid) OpinionWorld enters you into a “Thank You” prize drawing to ensure that you haven’t exactly wasted your time.

The bottom line is that Opinion World never pretends that you’ll get rich taking surveys, they won’t bombard your email account with offers from their partner companies, and they have a reputation for reliably paying their customers.  In the world of market research, this makes OpinionWorld a legitimate company to work with.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Opinion World " is 0 out of 5 based on reviews.
  • Don't try to join on this site. IT'S-A SCAM. Once you're going to redeem your points, then they will terminate your account for no reason. So worst experience.
  • Same as all the rest - account terminated, taking all my points. I managed to get one voucher out of them before they shut me down. So disappointing.
  • Opinion world is a scam. They wont give the rewards. I have redeemed 1500rs gift card and got nothing.
  • This site is absolutely absurd. I spend three days trying to save enough points to redeem an iTunes card, and when I do so, my account gets 'terminated' for violating terms and conditions. I strongly don't recommend this site,nits a huge waste of time. And opinion world still owes me $10 worth of ITunes Cards... Please don't waste your time on this site, they are scam artists that need a life... thanks for spending time reading my review, enjoy they rest of your day :)
  • I've been responding to OpinionWorld surveys since I joined in 2010.

    Same story - go to redeem and get informed I've been terminated due to having violated some condition, and invitation to enquire why. I have a helpdesk ticket implying to expect a response in 72 business hours. That was 10 days ago now, and despite a further enquiry 2 days ago, no reply.

    I've contacted the local office of SSI and will communicate any response I receive.
    • Hi Peter Wright, Can you please let me know where and how to contact this SSI ppl ? Even am facing problem with these Opinion World guys, I tried to redeem my 1500 points but the claims are failed and my points also got deducted. No positive response from their helpdesk mail id except sorry, apologies etc... I wrote more than 5 mails to them regarding the issued but still not solved. May be its time to stop working on this Opinion World. They are started cheating ppl.
    • Update :Eventually received - well, more surveys having missed out for a few days. Was able to cash out and cash received. I'm sure I've cashed out before with no problems so they may be slow, and perhaps contacting SSI locally had an effect (although they did not reply) but all's fine and good now. It'll be a while before I get to cash-out again, but we'll se what happens next time.
  • I was seriously thinking about joining Opinion World, after all the negative comments, I will not be joining, strongly think it's a scam.
  • unbelievable. i think this happens to everyone. i spend 1.5 hr doing one survay and i had reached NZD 20.00 but when i went to redeem it it was blocked saying i have breached some rule. such a waste of time. please STAY AWAY form Openion World. its a huge SCAM. and in every survay they have some ligit survay company like IPSOS. which leads me to believe all the survay companies are nothing but SCAM. guys PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS
  • This site is the crappiest survey site. I did their surveys for just under two years. I do a fair few surveys from different sites and this would have to be one of the worst ones I've used. Nearly every survey I recieved seemed to let me do almost all of the survey then screened me out very close to the end. Quite frustrating. They were happy to send me hundreds of invites for surveys that I obviously didn't qualify for which is just a waste of time. Finally get up enough points to redeem for a gift card worth the time it takes to redeem it and my account has been terminated. Funny thing is that in the time I have been receiving invites from them I have been doing surveys from quite a few other sites which are great to use and give decent points for your time and I have not been terminated from their sites after trying to redeem points. I can't even be bothered trying to find out why they terminated me as I'm pretty sure it will be from one of the last surveys I did on their site which obviously had a problem as I could only answer most of the questions incorrectly and I contacted them to tell them that the survey was not working properly and that I was a bit concerned as more than half the answers were not correct due to the fault in the survey. Their response was that they had been having problems with the survey I was contacting them about and that I would not be penalised for it as the survey was faulty. Lol they are the shabbiest and crappiest survey site I have used. I am a member of about fifteen different survey sites and I've had no issues with the other sites. My suggestion to anyone thinking about joining opinion world is to do some research and check out all the other survey sites that pay better and have much better surveys that are actually matched with your profile quite well. Opinion world is a joke and a major waste of time for anyone looking to make some extra dollars and have their opinion heard.
  • Been a member for a few years. On the 18th of August tried redeeming via paypal came up with 'Account terminated.'Emailed them, have had no reply
  • After Seeing All This, I Think Its Better To Stay Away From Opinionworld !
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