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from 17 reviews Review It claims to be the internet’s leading penny stock alert website, which provides its members a free newsletter in order to keep them informed of penny stocks that are ready “to soar” in value. says that they choose their stocks based on their evaluation of important criteria: their short and long term growth potential, the company’s growth potential, their products, and the company’s sector of operation. claims that the stocks they alert you to regularly make gains of over 1,000%, and that if you had been following their alerts from the beginning of their newsletter, your gains would be over 40,000%.

Understanding Penny Stocks

The actual name of penny stocks is microcap stocks or small cap stocks. These are stocks that trade under $5 a share, though penny stock alert companies tend to concentrate their focus on stocks that trade under $1 a share. readily admits that most traders and investment teams will not advocate buying penny stocks, as their low price makes them a risky investment.

Because penny stocks are so inexpensive, they can be easily controlled by one individual’s influence. For a manageable amount of money, a single company or investor can purchase hundreds or thousands of shares.

This large scale purchase will raise the value of the stock, allowing the investor to use this gain to convince others of the stock’s potential, encouraging them to buy. After others purchase the stock, the original investor sells their shares, and walks away with a profit while causing the stock’s price to fall.

Is Legit?

Unfortunately, both the Disclaimer and the FAQ sections of explain that they are not actually an investment company. Rather, they are a marketing and advertising company that is paid to promote certain stocks. says that they do not actually employ any investment bankers, advisors, or analysts, and that their penny stock alerts should not be interpreted as advice to purchase any stocks or invest in any company.

As always with any investment opportunity, you should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose, as that is always a reasonable risk with the stock market. But if you are looking for investment advice, you may wish to seek advice from an actual investment company, rather than a company that receives compensation for promoting stocks.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " " is 1.53 out of 5 based on 17 reviews.
  • Have anyone made successful withdrawers over the years or months of trading?
  • I was very wary of investing through propennystockadvisor. Com

    I followed their suggestion and made the investment. After a month things were fine it was actually in the black. You know the old adage , “when you least expect it, Expect It”. The next thing I knew a stock that was trading at $1.35 was trading at $0.28. Unable to trade it in the pre market cost me virtually my whole investment. The worst part was, their advice was to buy on the way down. This tells me that they have skin in the game and they wait for the right time and pull their investment and leave all their subscribers left holding the bag. My opinion is that they are a Ponzi scheme. By leading people in a direction and then they go the opposite. Never invest with these people.

    P.S. After the damage had occurred, they were never heard from again!
  • I get their newsletter, recommended buy a stock from a tech company that the value was going to soar. I checked the ticker price seems to go up and down over the last year. Researched the actual company, its not a tech company at all, it deals in used commercial construction equipment. More importantly it hasn't even reported any revenue, or information since inception that would cause the value to be shifting or indicate that they are going to be getting revenue soon
  • I just lost $2,730 because I got 5 emails from [email protected] and the first scam wasn't enough, they made me start buying again when the stock kept going down, by continuing to send emails saying to stay calm insisting that it's normal that people are selling off. Unfortunately I'm new to stock market and just learnt my first lesson.
  • is a complete ripoff. The sales pitch is full of lies. You will only lose money. The track record on the web page is fiction. Don't waste your money.
  • Totally fake site. I'e invested $9 on this site and till today, I got nothing. Feel free to join here if you want your money to be wasted.
  • Penny stocks are a group of scamers. Pump and Dump on CLOW.
  • They over promote stocks, encourage you to buy, and when things go south you will never hear about that stock again. Do your research seek professional advice.
  • I have been watching for over a year and a half. The picks they have suggested, and I have watched, 5 for 5, have all performed well upon launch, them backed off. Play these picks smart, I am confident there is money to be made.

    A stock investor from Texas, I don't remember his name quoted "I have made millions on the stock market. The problem was, I always sold too soon". Wise words.
  • Yeah. Classic pump & dump with these scum bags. I got their emails as well and got into XUII. I was fortunate enough to find out about them before it was too late. I lost about 70 bux. No big deal. Lesson learned.
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