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Quirky.com is a community driven website for people who have ideas or concepts of products they would like to invent and are looking for help finalizing their product and getting it to market.

Many other traditional product development companies, like Davison, requires you to submit your idea to their team and pay them to develop a prototype for you. Once this prototype is developed, you can choose to take it and go through the rest of the marketing process yourself, or pay the company to do it for you.

Quirky takes a new and innovative approach to the product development process, a process which technically will cost you none of your own money.

How It Works

Become a member of the Quirky.com community for free and then submit your idea. The website says that the best ideas will be well researched, easy to understand, and able to build with available technology. It also must be a physical, consumer product.

For 30 days after you submit your idea, the community can vote on it and collaborate with you, adding to the idea. If you get 200 votes or your idea is picked by their staff, it will then go to Expert Reviews.

Every Thursday industry experts get together and debate the best ideas that have been taken from the website, and they will choose which products they then want to go on and develop.

The Catch

Once you submit your idea to the Quirky.com community, it no longer is your property. It now belongs to the whole community as much as it belongs to you and everyone from the community who provides important feedback that is used in the final product will earn a percentage of the profits from the product.

The amount that you influence the product is considered Influence Points and directly translates to the percentage of the profits that you will eventually earn.

While some people might have complaints about only receiving a small part of the profits from an idea they came up with, Quirky is the one who pays to develop the product and bring it to market, and they are the only ones who lose money if the product fails.

It may not be an arrangement that works for everyone, but for people who feel confident that they have a successful idea but may not have the financial resources to bring it to market, this may be a company they would consider working with.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Quirky.com " is 2.27 out of 5 based on 15 reviews.
  • This Quirky review is way off base when it comes to money. The real catch is that they require a fee of around $800 when you advance beyond the initial public feedback period of 7 days. You only discover this when they send you the contracts that finally explain the real deal. It also spells out all the dollar considerations the inventor will be required to fund. This includes patent and design, and building a prototype, which they insist be done in order to present a working model to potential buyers. In my case Ed Rosetti, an SVP of Marketing, estimated it would cost me about $10,000 to move my idea to the point of presentation. Well, I expressed my shock to Rosetti and said I thought that if they liked an idea they would front the costs for the project He asked if I really thought there would be no money required of the inventor, to which I said yes. After hearing this I emailed them, asking if they would move ahead and pay for the development against a much greater split of monies earned with sale of my invention. A 50-50 revenue split would be much greater than what they'd otherwise get. I asked that they ask the Mr. Davisson himself. So today I got a notice that they decided not to move ahead with my idea (it had 95% positive feedback). The truth is I decided not to go with them because they wanted over $10,000 from me. The email angered me and I wanted to set the record straight. They DO require the inventor to pay for development.
  • The new generation version of 1960's record promoters...We'll make you a star kid, just sign here...
  • I had an idea rejected yet, someone else with the identical idea had it move into development several months later. I wrote several times, each time they closed the case without any explanation. This company has no credibility. As for inventions, seems most of them are similar to products already on the market, variations of extension cords and multitudes of cord minders, hubs, cell phone trinkets. What this company really is, is a store. They promote these trinkets for sale and that is their primary goal. Still would like to know why my complaint was ignored repeatedly.
  • I have written Quirky, in the past, with several questions concerning the process and received a response within a day or two for all of them. BUT when I sent them an email asking specifically what percentage the inventor makes for a product they submit if Quirky moves forward with it and received DEAD SILENCE! No response at all no matter how many times I write or how many different ways I word it. I advised them that the Terms and Conditions section of their site is incredibly vague which is why I sent the emails asking for clarification. I have several inventions I want to submit but the email silence on percentages is extremely disturbing. I am not sure what I should do at this point.
    • Thank you for posting your review. I saw an ad on TV yesterday about this company and got really excited. Today I am not so excited after reading your review and others below yours. I went to Davidson but they wanted way too much upfront info and I did not feel protected. I have two very good usable products but lack the financial resources/experts to try get these in production. Who can you trust these days who is willing to help and not hinder you making a decent income from inventions? What happened to "Do unto others as ye shall have done unto you" ???
    • Gina,

      I am so sorry you had such a bad experience. Thank you for posting your review, it has helped me to make the decision not to work with Quirky. I am in the same boat as you. I have a ton of great ideas, but I lack the capital and resources.

      I feel like all of us idea makers should pull together and be our own community without quirky ! ;)
  • I just recently found Quirky and have decided to throw an idea in the ring and see what happens before I decide to get some pretty big ones involved,If I get a good response I will go from there but I am intrigued!
  • Great company. Cool products.
  • I just purchased a product from quirky. They accepted my payment. Later they refunded my money and said they hadn't charged enough for the product. I want specific performance on the contract. They offered a product for sale. I bought and paid for the product. They accepted my payment and then refused to deliver. This organization is a scam.
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