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SavvyConnect is a new part of the well known survey site, SurveySavvy, which promises to help people be able to easily supplement their income from home by working with reputable market research companies.

SurveySavvy was established back in 1999 to connect their members with online market research companies who are willing to pay cash for your opinion. This company also allows people to earn money by referring new members to their service.

According to their website, you can either post a public link on your social media sites, or you can send private invitations via email. Any time one of your direct referrals – or the referrals they also direct – completes a survey, you will receive an incentive.

But they didn’t stop there. Instead, in the year 2009, they decided to launch an application of their site which would expand their market research capabilities even further.

The New Application

This new app, SavvyConnect, is a specific type of software that you download and install onto your computer. Once it is installed, it monitors your search behavior online and reports this information to their partner research companies.

Companies are extremely interested in people’s online behavior; how they search topics, follow links, whether or not they click ads – all of these behaviors can help companies understand how to better do business online.

Downloading and installing this software is completely free, and SavvySurvey promises that you can request a payout once your account has reached as little as one dollar. The payout will be sent directly to you.

What to Know

This company promises that SavvyConnect does recognize both the Private Browse and Incognito Modes of major internet browsers and will not transmit your information when those particular modes have been activated.

Many people are hesitant to install new software onto their computer, especially those that track your activity, because of the threat of spyware. Spyware, or malware, is the type of software which records and then can access your personal information, such as bank account information.

SavvyConnect promises that their software poses no threat to their members, and that if you have any issues or complaints about it once you have begun using it, you can go to their website to find directions to uninstall the software.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " SavvyConnect " is 2.21 out of 5 based on 19 reviews.
  • I am working on savvyconnect for the last 25 days. Now I have 1,100 dollars in my savvy account but I can't withdraw. In reality savvy connect is a total scam. They are not paying a penny, if someone wants proof then I can provide it.
  • SavvyConnect is a total scam, they don't pay you just says that you can earn easy money but they don't pay you.
  • I am not able to delete this thing from my iPad
  • Just received my 1st check for $20 (4 months/1 device), and with another month online and surveys I already have $7 available.

    Love earning money for nothing!

    It does NOT harm or slow my tablet in any way. Maybe sone of the others need to have malware protection. Norton/Symantecs says this app is safe.

    Will be getting 2 smartphones soon. Can't wait to add them to my SavvyConnect list. That will get me $15 a month,just to monitor the type of sites I use and visit.
  • I downloaded Savvy Connect about a year ago and made around $100. It's not that much, but I haven't been taking every single survey either. I've downloaded Savvy Connect on almost every device in my house and I'm making an extra $20 a month which can go towards the little things. On the VPN many apps didn't work with it on, now I can use every app with no problem.
    • How did u get your apps to work with VPN on? I am having the same problem. With the VPN switched on and active, some of my apps will not run properly or will not allow certain functions in the app. It will say that there is no network connection. AND there are website blocks. Do you know of a way to get this problem fixed and still be able to kepp the VPN activated? Please help! 😬👍😁
  • None of these bogus money making lie companies work.
  • I don't remember how I found Surveysavvy online. It was easy enough to create an account and confirm it. It was also easy to download the app that tracks your online behavior.

    After I installed it, my Android phone notified me, "your network is being monitored" and all of a sudden, I felt like Big Brother was watching. There's a red flower icon on the status bar of my phone that shows me that the app is actively collecting information.

    I immediately uninstalled the application. The hair on my arms stood on end just thinking about how vulnerable to attack I'd be if ever Surveysavvy is hacked. Just thinking about all my passwords and all my personal files and accounts open to anyone -- well, it just gave me goosebumps.

    I got an email from Surveysavvy, a week later, informing me that my device has been inactive. I wondered why I was afraid. I realized that I knew nothing about the company or how the app works. So, I read up online. My nervousness and skepticism were somewhat allayed.

    What reassured me was that they weren't interested in me personally (or so I hope). They were interested in where I go on the internet, how I click and what I click, how long I stay on a webpage. They monitor this because they do research for companies. They also present aggregate information. This means that they are more likely to say, "South Asian women aged 20-29 spend time online browsing articles on relationships and dating." They are paid to get data on how groups of people with similar characteristics behve while online. They are not interested in identifying you as an individual.

    So, I downloaded the app again and I activated it again. It will take some getting used to. I still get the feeling that I am being watched. Maybe the feeling will go away, and I'd be able to live with it, maybe I'll break out in hives just thinking about it, if so, I can always uninstall it.
  • installed about a month ago,,I have not gotten any surveys,,computor runs really really slow,a little window keeps popping up saying im not connected,im getting rid of it today soon as im done writting this.




  • Actually I love this app it's takes a few but the paper(checks) start flowing right through the mail I think if you a at home broke bomb download get off your you know what go get doe c Ash dummy #MMB #DOGPOUND #FINESE
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