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SurveySpot is an online market research company that offers participants cash and sweepstake entry rewards for completing opinion surveys. Currently, the opportunity is available to folks eighteen and over living in the US, Canada, or the UK.

How Does SurveySpot Work?

SurveySpot pays out between $2 to $10 per completed survey, and since 2001 they’ve reported paying out over twelve million dollars in cash and prizes to their members. The panel itself is relatively simple to use, and once you create your account you will begin to receive surveys by email.

The good thing about SurveySpot is that the emails they send out include critical information about each survey. For instance they will let you know the subject matter, estimated time of completion, and the reward format.

That last aspect is very important, since SurveySpot pays out in cash and in Instant Win Game tokens. This allows members that only want to do for cash surveys to skip prize paying studies. However, sometimes it’s worth completing a non-cash survey because there’s a chance for a follow up cash offer.

One thing that SurveySpot members appreciate is that in most cases when they don’t qualify for a survey they still get a sweepstakes entry or Instant Win Game token simply for trying. This is a nice touch since this happens to almost everyone at least once.

SurveySpot pays out its members via check but you can only request one if you have at least $5 in your account. There are some time delays and it can take up to six weeks for a cash reward payment to be deposited into your SurveySpot account and another 2 to 4 weeks for your check to arrive.


Members will be rewarded with points for each survey that you complete. These can then be redeemed for the following:

PayPal – simply cash out and convert your points to a cash payment

Amazon – receive an amazon gift card which you can use to shop online.

iTunes – Redeem points for itunes giftcards and purchase anything the online store has to offer.

Airline Miles – Get miles from SurveySpot’s partner airlines.

Customer Service:

If you have any issues with your account you can reach out to a representative at 1-866-360-9575.

Competitors and Alternatives:

SurveySpot is a brand of Survey Sampling International which also represent the following online survey companies: Opinion Outpost, Quick Thoughts, iPoll and Opinion Miles Club.

For additional lists of survey opportunities check out our complete list.

If you have participated in SurveySpot research studies please leave your review below and describe your experience; let others know if you were able to successfully complete surveys and earn any extra cash.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " SurveySpot " is 2.09 out of 5 based on 69 reviews.
  • I keep getting email invites from survey spot promising 345 points then a different amount when I open the email anyways I clicked the link and every time I didn't qualify they invited me I didn't invite them and I'll be filling out a complaint as well with the BBB
  • I went to cash out and all of sudden my account was hacked and froze my account and will not pay me. Go ahead and use at own peril. Too me a long time to accumulate and then no payment . this should be illegal.
  • Survey Spot was great for over a year, but suddently it wouldn't let me access the site due to 'data concerns.' They froze my account, and more than three weeks letter I received an e-mail saying my account had been closed and the points I earned had been erased. I had $40 worth of points, but those are gone now with no explanation as to what the 'concerns' were. account. Please use caution when using this site.
  • I think it's a scam. They now require your phone number to send a code to use to cash in your points. I have done this but have been told my phone number won't work. I initially sent them an email several months ago asking about this, but they did not respond. So I continued doing surveys and then tried again to cash in my points. I had the same difficulty with my phone number. I've been trying for more than a month to find out why. They initially didn't respond, then they tried to tell me it was my computer. Per their request, I sent a screen shot of the response I get regarding my phone number. They have never gotten back to me. Yes, it's a scam. Don't waste your time with them.
  • Surveyspot themselves are ok. They pay you from the surveys that you take, BUT, MANY of the surveys are BS. I recently took a 2 part survey on drinks over a two day period that took about 1 hr to complete and was promised $7. When I completed the entire survey, I was given 50 cents. Another issue they have is some surveys will have you answering 30-40 questions, some after watching videos... and then give you a finish button to submit the survey after 20 mins and when you click it, it says you didn't qualify. If you write to Surveyspot, they do nothing. They need to make a specific number of question that these surveys are allowed to ask and make them pay the people who spend a ton of time finishing ones.
  • I have never gotten anything. I don't qualify for any of the surveys that they send me at least 5-10 times a day. I cannot unsubscribe. No matter what you try to do it redirects you to the survey. I've done everything I can think of to get out of this but they just keep sending me surveys.
  • This is plain scam. Yes, you can make a buck or two here and there however, they have some idiotic screening process which they stand behind at all costs. Not a chance to compensate you for your time for system failures. most of the time. They also have double standards. One support analyst may pay you half incentive for your time, other would tell you, "we don't get paid, you don't get paid". All survey panels need to be investigated and get a class law suit against them for all those questionable disqualifications after 100% completion and persistent denial to pay claiming some obscure super powers that caused the errors.
  • I have been trying to unsubscribe but still keep getting e-mails after a week When you click "contact us" it shoots you to another survey

    The surveys don't pay

    The survey just shoots you to people looking for leads to sell you something.
  • My account with survey spot was recently frozen, so I contacted customer service( you can find the Number easily)I spoke to a lady who assured me I would receive an email in a few days with an explanation, My advice to any one is if you have a problem go directly to the source to try to have it corrected before you complain I am willing to give them a chance, I did receive one payment of 10. so far.
  • I have been with survey spot for over 6 months and have acquired a lot of reward points. All of a sudden the surveys stopped coming. I emailed them and got no answer. I tried to re-log into my account and it keeps telling me wrong password, no such email.
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