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Web.com is a new website founded to help small businesses success online by giving them access to well designed, maintained, and marketed websites that will get them noticed in the online community.

Web.com offers a “do it yourself” website building tool, a Facebook page building option, and the option to have them custom build your website from the ground up, which is currently free for a limited time.

If your company already has an existing website, Web.com can either redesign your website for you, give you tips on redesigning it or updating it yourself, or simply help you market your website through their Gorilla Online Marketing Solution program.

How It Works

Because building a website for your company is a very specific process, you must call Web.com at 800-338-1771 to receive a personalized consultation. Every website or Facebook page built by Web.com begins with an in depth interview with a design consultant.

It is the job of the design consultant to fully understand your business and what you hope to achieve with your website. Then, using their 13 years of experience, Web.com designers will use this information to build you a high impact website.

All websites created by Web.com are designed with search engine optimization in mind, and all sites will be provided with 30 days of free marketing services.

If you choose the option to have Web.com build your custom site for free, then you have 30 days to decide whether or not you are happy with both the website and the marketing that Web.com is providing for your site.

The Bottom Line

If you are happy, then Web.com will begin charging you a monthly fee for your hosting, maintenance, and marketing services, depending on what your site requires. If you are unhappy, you may cancel your service at no charge, but you will lose your website and the marketing that had been provided.

It seems as though the focus at Web.com is actually on website marketing, more than website design, as they provide their marketing services for free on a short term basis in order to encourage customers to use the Gorilla Online Marketing Solution long term.

The Gorilla Marketing program promises a presence all over the internet, including Google Places, mobile and GPS devices, and social media websites.

However, due to the specific needs of each individual company, no prices are published at Web.com. You must call for a consultation to determine cost of services.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Web.com " is 1 out of 5 based on 16 reviews.
  • thanks,i almost sign up,then who is a good website builder?
  • Thanks to all for the warning ! I was very close to creating an account.
  • web.com

    is owned by Network Solutions

    It claims to be truly Canadian, but it is not even owned by Canadians

    If you go to networksolutions dot com you will even see the web.com logo flashing under the network solutions logo

    especially on the Whois section

    Set up is free, but you will pay through the nose after and not only that, if you do not pay, you will lose your Domain and everything else.

    What is the old saying

    You never get anything for free
    • WEB.com and Network Solutions are not to be trusted. Do NOT go with them. I cannot get my domain transferred..... when I do get through (and that takes 6 h) they give a bogus transfer code............. this must be investigated
  • This is a total scam. They keep emailing my partners telling them that their credit card has expired and the domain will shut. Report them to the FCC or someone.
  • I made the mistake of trying the the one month promo rate. After about 30 minutes of toying with it I decided it wasn't for me. As stated above,

    "If you make the mistake of signing up, check the billing section… no way to cancel. States to call them instead, but good luck getting an answer and if you do, good luck getting them to actually cancel."

    This should be illegal.
  • Do not use web.com this is a fraudulent hosting company. They do not provide any support, it is impossible to cancel and they will take unauthorised payments.

    If you make the mistake of signing up, check the billing section... no way to cancel. States to call them instead, but good luck getting an answer and if you do, good luck getting them to actually cancel.

    Having to go through the motions with reporting them to my card provider to get this resolved.
  • dear WEB.com i hate u so much, u are worst service provider ever, your customer ticket system dont fork for days, if ewer has worked,,, and your website builder functionality is so pore i am amazed,,, , i can not delete my account without calling other end of the world, and that call will cost me like 50usd !!!! i will post bad reviews on your site every fxxx day until u delete my account mi domain is manospinta.com i can not publish mi site for 3-4days ,,,, for sweet god create skype support or something!!! u are online business should understand importance of communication with customers,,, delete my domain an cancel my account ! if u have any questions u have my number, call me to Lithuania! rates should be nice to! or contact me with my email [email protected]
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