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Web Fortune Master is a work from home training program from spokeswoman Angela Bussio promoting a link posting opportunity, a type of affiliate marketing which has been around since online marketing began.

In fact, link posting is one of the most popular online business opportunities, both for legitimate earning at home and for scammers who are hoping to take advantage of people, as described in this ABC News article.

Angela Bussio herself has promoted multiple link posting opportunities, each almost exactly the same as the last, generally with just a simple name change:

Legit or Scam: How to Tell

Since link posting and affiliate marketing are legitimate opportunities that are being exploited by scammers, it’s not fair to simply blacklist each and every website or company that recommends working in this industry.

Instead you have to evaluate the information you’re being given, how it is being given to you, and how the company is being run to decide whether or not the opportunity is one worth taking. Before you ever input your credit card number, you should always review the official refund policy in the Terms & Conditions.

This is also a good time to determine whether the company itself is based in the US or an overseas country like Cyprus. Companies based overseas on small islands make it almost impossible to take legal action in cases of identity theft or fraudulent charges.

For more guidance, the Federal Trade Commission has a good list of questions you should try and answer when evaluating such companies.

Web Fortune Master: The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, this program has many of the same problems common to unethical link posting programs. It makes earnings claims that it doesn’t back up and it uses tactics to make you think there are only a few openings left so you feel an urgency to buy.

Another way to protect yourself is by doing free research online through trusted sources regarding link posting and what is entailed in the business. Knowing the reality of the business opportunity will help you spot people who are giving you misleading or deceitful information.

But with a program like Web Fortune Master, perhaps the best way to evaluate it is to look at the reviews of the previous programs issued by Angela Bussio. Unlike brand new programs, her programs have an established history and vocal customers that you can learn from.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Web Fortune Master " is 1.17 out of 5 based on 18 reviews.
  • How can I get my money back?
  • I gave them fake everything. Joe Smith 5555555555. Than I cam here....What BS. This stuff is always a bunch of crap. They take advantage of people. Just total losers.
  • OMG! TALK ABOUT SCAM, I WILL NEVER GIVE THEM MY MONEY. who do they think they are, oh wait I can answer that. they think there smart for stealing our money.
  • I only gave them my phone# and email to get more info about

    It and got over 15 telemarketers calling me in 3 hours! And tons

    of junk mails! That tells me a lot about them right there!
  • I just got off the phone with them and usually when people are very persistant in wanting to jump to your credit card info beware! The only thing that persuaded me to check this out was the money back guarantee promise. When things are legit they dont have to beg you for your business. Always do your research before diving head first. When people like us are desperate for making over minimum wage to support our family we tend to believe the to good to be true schemes. Good luck and if anyone finds something we can do in our spare time for good extra money please fill us in because I'm in a serious financial fall right now that is followed by a devastating story so keep us filled in if anyone finds a legit way that don't require an excessive amount of time. Thanks and God bless you all!!
  • To good to be true!!!!
  • Thanks for this review ... I wont be signing up :)
  • How do I cancel my order? I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!
  • I am so glad I came here before I purchased anything. I always do my research before I buy from anyone. I didn't give my real name or telephone number, Thank God. They only got my email address....
  • Web Fortune Master, Profit Masters Academy, Profit Web System, Home Profit Masters, Web Fortune Vault, and Web Profits from Home are ALL THE SAME. They all "dupe" people into thinking that they can earn LOTS OF MONEY IN HOURS. These are ALL LIES because they're a sham and a fraud. If you have experienced any of these sites, you should report them to the FTC.
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