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Web Fortune Master is a work from home training program from spokeswoman Angela Bussio promoting a link posting opportunity, a type of affiliate marketing which has been around since online marketing began.

In fact, link posting is one of the most popular online business opportunities, both for legitimate earning at home and for scammers who are hoping to take advantage of people, as described in this ABC News article.

Angela Bussio herself has promoted multiple link posting opportunities, each almost exactly the same as the last, generally with just a simple name change:

Legit or Scam: How to Tell

Since link posting and affiliate marketing are legitimate opportunities that are being exploited by scammers, it’s not fair to simply blacklist each and every website or company that recommends working in this industry.

Instead you have to evaluate the information you’re being given, how it is being given to you, and how the company is being run to decide whether or not the opportunity is one worth taking. Before you ever input your credit card number, you should always review the official refund policy in the Terms & Conditions.

This is also a good time to determine whether the company itself is based in the US or an overseas country like Cyprus. Companies based overseas on small islands make it almost impossible to take legal action in cases of identity theft or fraudulent charges.

For more guidance, the Federal Trade Commission has a good list of questions you should try and answer when evaluating such companies.

Web Fortune Master: The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, this program has many of the same problems common to unethical link posting programs. It makes earnings claims that it doesn’t back up and it uses tactics to make you think there are only a few openings left so you feel an urgency to buy.

Another way to protect yourself is by doing free research online through trusted sources regarding link posting and what is entailed in the business. Knowing the reality of the business opportunity will help you spot people who are giving you misleading or deceitful information.

But with a program like Web Fortune Master, perhaps the best way to evaluate it is to look at the reviews of the previous programs issued by Angela Bussio. Unlike brand new programs, her programs have an established history and vocal customers that you can learn from.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Web Fortune Master " is 1.17 out of 5 based on 18 reviews.
  • I'm glad I didn't sign up for program after reading such bad reviews on being a scam. How can these companies get away with a scam like this?
  • This is a RIP OFF Telemarketer. I recieve 4 to 6 calls a day. They are not legit
  • I am so glad I came here before giving any of my hard earned money. Thanks for the reviews. I knew it was a scam but this confirmed my gut
  • I fill out the form on line ,and next day people calling me on the phone telling me ,how great this is and I will triple ,my money in a month ,just fallow the instruction that thay give you and you be on your way to the bank ,but thay ,doint tell you about ,the hidden cost every month and how you lock in with your credit card ,and thay taken money out for service charge ,do your home work chose wisely ,before you give them your credit card ,surf the net like I did read the complant ,you be happy you did
  • I tried to cancel my order after two days. They told me that they cannot cancel my order until after 30 days trial period. They want me

    to try the program for 30 days and if I don't they will forfeit my $49.95 base on the agreement. I did not see any agreement that stated

    the 30 days money back guaranty would be like that. They want me to try

    the program and see if I can earn the $49.95 and if I don't they will

    refund my money. The problem is there are more expenses that they try to sell you and I just don't have enough resources to do that. I'm not sure if you can really succeed in the life with this type help from this

    • I was misled also yesterday and today. I tried to cancel after all the supposed leds for posting were not for sales but for articles or were non operatating sites. Posting to those sites was impossible since their instructions were incomplete. I called and said I would have to try it Every Day to get my money back. With out good links, there is no posting possible. Then I told them I want my money back and they would only give me back 20% and I would have to call back in 30 days to cancel the monthly $8.95 charge for something that was not clear and that I had not agreed to. I checked my account and a charge showed up under Net Train Academy with a phone number that is not in service. Called the bank and have to cancel my card which will take 7 to 10 days to replace. Since I am handicapped, working at home seemed like the best thing to look into. Big mistake. DO NOT BELIEVE THE SWEET TALKERS.
    • I didn't come across this until after I had purchased it myself and am running into the same problem. Did you ever get your refund?
    • Thanks for let us know
  • I don't think I read anywhere on the Web Fortune Master article that I was going to receive numerous phone calls throughout the day...EVERY DAY!!! A lot of the phone calls have no one on the other end...or when I confront them to take me off the list, they hang up on me....This program is a scam!!!! My phone won't stop ringing off the hook!!! Good thing I didn't purchase the program...If this is how they run their business by harassing potential victims at home, then they are not worth pursuing...think I'm going to have to change my phone #...Thanks for nothing Web Fortune Master...what a joke!!!!!
  • Web Fortune Master is a fraud. Not only do they give you nothing for your money, but they continue to bill you monthly even after you tell them they are a scam and you want no more to do with them. They don't speak English and "talk over you" insisting that they are legitimate. However, NONE of the customer service reps can give you ANY information of how this could make you any money. You receive NO instructions, no software of any kind and NO ANSWERS. They will drop their initial registration from $99 to $49 if you try to leave the site but you will get nothing for that $49 dollars. they will try to sell you web hosting and other "helpful" items and continue to bill you monthly. BEWARE of this one. It is a SCAM!!!
  • I gave them my cell phone number because I had an "interest" in learning more about what they had to offer. Now I get NO LESS THAN 4 calls every day. Even the weekends. From telemarketers from 9 (and counting) different area codes. I have asked them all to take me off their calling lists but the calls keep coming day after day after day.

    SBergen SLC Utah
    • d - the do not call list is for out of nowhere sales calls -- since sbergen gave them the phone number you have created what is called a prior business relationship and those is not covered by do not call --- so you would need to use the ftc telemarketing sales rule and the right to be left alone --- under this you constantly telling them to leave you alone and they ignore you makes them a violator of federal law
    • Have you tried to eliminate your phone number from their computers by either texting STOP and sending it back to them (if it is a text) or by adding your phone number to the "Do Not Call" list for your state (if you have one)? It's usually an 800#. You might want to google it. Also, try calling your phone company to get further help from them. They may also have a "Call Blocking" feature that you may not have been aware of. (Sometimes that feature is a monthly charge, however. Sometimes it is not.) Good luck to you.
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