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Ebates.com is a rewards website where members can earn up to 25% cash back on their online purchases at over 1,200 online stores without having to redeem points, mail in forms, or pay membership fees.

Rewards websites like Ebates earn a commission when you purchase an item from one of their partner stores. In turn, they pay part of that commission to you to ensure you continue shopping through Ebates at their partner stores.

When you initially register at Ebates.com, you will be asked to choose a bonus $10 gift card. This gift card will be awarded to you after you have earned your first $25 in cash back.

Earning Cash Back

Whenever you are hoping to earn cash back with Ebates, you must use either their website or their downloadable toolbar to access their partner stores.

Even if you have purchased at that store through Ebates previously, you must access that store through Ebates every time to get credit. If Ebates does not receive credit for your purchase then you cannot earn cash back.

If you refer friends and family members to use Ebates, you can also earn cash back on their first purchase through Ebates.

Unfortunately, returns and exchanges of purchased items will cancel out your cash back earnings. When you exchange an item, the store will consider that a brand new purchase not done through Ebates, so you won’t be able to earn cash back.

Getting Your Cash Back

As long as you have earned more than $5.01, you will receive a cash back payment every 3 months in February, May, August, and November. If you have earned less than $5.01, your earnings will be carried over to the next check.

You can have the check mailed to you or directly deposited into your PayPal account. You can also have the check mailed to a charity or a family member, if you choose. Simply make sure to set up your account to reflect how you want your earnings paid out.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Ebates " is 2.61 out of 5 based on 158 reviews.
  • Ebates is an entire rip off - as soon as I get done this review (as I sit here waiting for the 2nd day for Ebates to call me) I am contacting Consumer Services. I have a large purchase history for the last several months and I'm told there must be an issue with the vendor. Hold on...it's more than one vendor...so now what do you have to say. After let me speak to a supervisor...who all happen to be in a meeting...they are going to call me back. I'm anxiously awaiting... If you call their number no one picks up on line 1 ..and line 2 to leave a message...oh wait...that mailbox is full.. I wonder why. I only got through this time because someone picked up by mistake and transferred me. I question anyone above with a positive review. Do you work for the company? Hmm? FRAUD IN CAPITAL LETTERS. I need to find any purchase orders and give them the info. Really, it's your website why would I need to do that? I did that last time - not doing it again...
    • I had purchased a pair of glasses; however, I had to send them back because they were giving me a headache. I had to send them back and get another pair. If anyone knows prescription eyewear is expensive. Needless to say, I sent them back and Ebates would not give me my % of the money. The eyewear cost over 700.00 dollars. I contacted them and they told me too bad. I am an online shopper and I was disappointed by the lack of customer service.
  • I think that it is a total scam. It has exclusions, it doesn't work all the time, it is difficult to use especially with sites that you have to login to. I have gotten 2 checks in the 2 years I have used it and I do a lot of online shopping. I think it is a great idea but they poorly execute it.
  • I used Ebates for all my purchases. They do promptly gave the cash back for the first 2 months of my purchases. However, to my dismay, the 3rd months onwards, my purchases is still pending for more than 3 weeks and there is no sign of my purchases cash back?

    I feel so cheated. I contacted the customer service, but there is not reply.

    Sent messages to Ebates Singapore on FB, also no reply?

    Is ebates still active? or it has been closed down (like what happen to the other websites/business in singapore recently). Closing down abruptly, and leave consumer in a lurch (especially consumer who has make some purchases and wondering where is our cash back!)....

    I guess there is no correct business ethic in this century....Sad to say, these business people are corrupted!!

    BTW, I am still waiting for their reply on the late cash back!!!
  • I signed up for Ebates, and now every day my inbox is filled up with junk mail, everything from winning bogus foreign sweepstakes to porn! I never had these garbage emails before, and it all started when I signed up for ebates!!!
    • Agreed! I've also started getting spam phone calls to my cell phone -at least 1 every single day -___-
  • I figured out the Ebates scam by mistake. I had been using them for a while. I went to buy sunglasses online. I was getting ready to check out and my total was around 55 bucks. I closed the window and proceeded to use the Ebates link, the cost of the exact same glasses were over 10 dollars more (my item was still in the cart)

    ! I was shocked. Yes, even with the cashback you are still paying more than if not using them. I don't think every shopping trip is like this, but what a hassle to try to check out twice to make sure you are not being upcharged for using Ebates!
  • I used Ebates and I help my boyfriend to create a account so I get a referral and he gets $10 back plus, i help him pay for this purchase since his card didn't work but no, ebates took it back the money that was credited and said I can't do that. Not only that, they locked mine and his account. Really disappointed me and plus they have my information so it's like they're invading my privacy which I feel really unsafe since I can no longer have access to that account. Never get Ebates! Plus if you spend too much they wont cash back to you since it's gonna be a lot of money coming out from them. My sis had $300 cash back but they locked her account and said she been faking it and she's so piss at them.

    Plus I live in a house with housemates of 4 and we all did this and they said we have too many account cause we had the same address.
  • Ebates doesn't work well and give people the run around. It's like self inflicted spam, if they don't follow through with the rebates after the purchase what's the point? If you contact tech support they just give you cut and paste answers or ask you to list everything they missed only to flake out on their deals at the end.
  • Got an email from Magazines.com offering a year of US magazine for 19.99. Went thru ebates (who offered 40% off) and the price was $35. I despise this type of rip-off sales/advertising. I was happy with them up to this point but REALLY glad I did not recruit for them.
  • Bought ove 700$ worth of items from dell and did not receive any credit. This is when they had 10 percent cash back and purchase did not show up in my history. Tried a few times to ask in live chat and no one available.
  • I love Ebates! I've been with them since April of 2011 and regularly receive checks. I have read the reviews about people not receiving credit for the full purchase. This has happened to me as well - but it was because not everything I purchased was in a category for that site. Amazon is the worst for this - maybe the categories for cash back in Amazon are toys and electronics - well if buy one toy and then a shirt. I will only get the credit for the toy.

    If I have ever really been concerned about getting credit - I just send Ebates an email - there is way right on the site to do that - and I copy/paste the information from the shipping email I get from the store.

    I really have zero complaints and now even have their credit card.
    • Amazon has a rewards program ? I have shopped there for a decade and never knew about it. I don't get what you mean "shop in categories". Here, in eBates, I'm supposed to select categories prior to shopping in certain sites to ensure that I am appropriately accruing points ?
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