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Shadow Shopper is an online mystery shopping program. It acts as the middleman between hopeful shoppers and large mystery shopping companies. They provide their members with lists and email notifications of which companies currently have available work.

ShadowShopper was one of the first companies to create an online database and service for these types of opportunities, they have been around since 2002.

They are now one of the largest providers of these types of jobs and boast a database of over six million accounts. They claim to have anywhere from 120,000 – 160,000 new jobs posted every month.

They also have working relationships with 250+ mystery shopping, merchandising, demonstrating and market research companies in North America and are members of the Market Research Association and World Alliance for Retail Excellence & Standards.

How Does Mystery Shopping Work?

Mystery shopping is a great way to participate in market research and earn some extra money. Companies pay mystery shoppers to visit their establishments and interact with their employees, ultimately reporting and evaluating on the entire experience.

This arrangement greatly benefits both parties. As a shopper you get paid and rewarded with free food, items, or services. Meanwhile the business owner gets a detailed account of what goes on in their shop while the boss is away.

The information that you provide is then used to improve employee practices and finetune the overall shopping experience.

Depending on the job you may be asked to report on a variety of aspects such as restroom cleanliness, temperature of the food, timeliness of service, and so on. The types of businesses that you will be asked to frequent vary as well with restaurants, banks, and theaters in the mix.

Upon completion of the tasks you will be paid after submitting your reports and/or invoices.

Cost and Price Plans:

Shadow Shopper membership is based on two levels, Gold and Bronze with corresponding levels of amenities.

The free membership allows you to apply for job listings posted more than 7 days ago. You also get added to their database for potential employers to contact you directly. You can also apply for Promoted Jobs – ones posted on top of the list due to immediate need of shoppers).

The Gold membership costs $6.95 per month and provides you with all of the benefits of the Bronze membership plus access to the most recently posted jobs. You also get first priority listing when employers search Shadow Shopper’s database.

Customer Support:

If you need assistance you can submit their online contact form and someone will get back to you shortly. They also have a helpful FAQ section and an article explaining how mystery shopping works for your benefit.

Online Reviews/Complaints:

There are mixed reviews for Shadow Shopper, and they currently have a D rating with the BBB. However in regards to those complaints it is clear that the company has made an effort to resolve the issues with their unsatisfied customers.

Some other issues that people have posted about are in regards to the amount of jobs that are available – however keep in mind that there is a difference between the paid and free memberships, so those paying will have a much higher chance of landing a job.

Overall mystery shopping can be a fun way to get some extra cash but know that these jobs are in high demand and don’t pay that much.

Competitors and Alternatives:

If you do not want to work with Shadow Shopper you can take the time to seek out local market research companies and try to find these opportunities yourself. Some other companies that provide listings for mystery shopping include A Closer Look,, and

If you have a membership with Shadow Shopper or have previously used them please leave a detailed review below.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints

Average Rating for " Shadow Shopper " is 1.64 out of 5 based on 47 reviews.
  • Had to fight to receive a refund when they charged me AFTER I cancelled the "free" trial. They don't have a live customer line, everything has to be done through chat and/or email. Will never do this again!
  • Omg they stole my damn money!
  • I have used Shadow Shoppers on and off for the last several years, have seen some changes. both good and not so good. But over all I really like the site and have gotten a number of jobs from it. It is basically the best place to go if you are looking for jobs as a mystery shopper or Merchandiser. For some of the posting that state it is a scam, WOW!!! All I can say you must really have a hard time in life over all. Mystery Shopping and Merchandising are the easiest jobs to get I do it very time I get laid off from my full time job. Does it take a little work on my part ? sure, I send hours on the computer filling out forms sending emails but once you get started your set. I have been making 1500.00 extra a month PART TIME, now not every month on the average it is about 700.00 .

    And those of you that had money coming out of your account and didn't know it for 5 months. Come on!!!. You should have done something, Go in &turn it off, contact them. Take a little responsibility for your own actions.
    • They are a con artist a scam they sent me a check for almost 3,000 and so I did some homework on the matter called the bank where the check came from and as about it and told me it was a fake / bad check so your info about this shit is fake as well
  • I have been a member of Shadow Shoppers for almost eight months. I have made good money through them with the companies they list and have only good things to say about them.
  • I would just like to point out that Shadow Shopper Australia is not connected in any way with Shadow Shopper US and would appreciate this being acknowledged in your article. We get a lot of complaints and abuse directed at us which have nothing to do with us. We also show up as having a lot of complaints against us and we would really like you to clarify the situation to your readers.
  • this was supposed to be easy, but I have had no luck, now I see another $29.95 has been taken out of my paypal account!!
  • I signed up for the $4.95/One month trial membership. I was on my bank acct website and noticed a withdrawal of $30.00. I got on the website to complain, but of course the "Live Help" chat site was off-line. I checked my acct and noticed then that the auto-withdrawal choice was highlighted; like I had checked it. I would have never allowed this; especially while I had just chosen the "1 month" membership. This is a scam!!! Do NOT DO IT!
  • They are totally a scam. I don't think I even had anything but the free account, and they started charging me each month until I luckily oppened one of their spam emails and found they are unsin my debit card. I have filed a claim with my bank. They are a scam and totally set up in a way to fool you so they can charge you. Don't let them trick you. It "IS A SCAM." They can't be trusted.
  • THIS IS a SCAM. I signed on for a FREE trial, and they have taken 30.00 out of my bank account for the last 5 months
  • I also have concerns about this "company". They have my s.s.# and credit card . i signed up for the "free" trial and have no way to cancel. They do not answer the phone number on my charge statement.My fault for trusting. I thought it looked legit. Just filed a charge dispute with credit card company. Hopefully that will get these charges stopped.
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